Friday, May 15, 2020

I'll send myself a post card to remember

Headphones on. One song on repeat."So long, bad feeling..." the voice of Paul Banks hits the spot it has hit repeatedly, this time not with Interpol but with another new project, as a member of MUZZ. I find it auspicious that Paul Banks has been on lockdown in Edinburgh since March 12th. If you have followed this blog long enough, you know why I am even mentioning this or even seriously using the word auspicious. 

Good luck charm. Good Omen. Wake up call. A voice that fit into the receptor site in my brain that was looking for something in my thirties and now here I am in my late forties, and it still works. Like some old memory that isn't mine, the vibrations continue to propel me forward to unlock my secrets clothed in his vagueries. And this is good for THE ART. 

I was unwell this week, dizzy and strange, mostly exhausted from Sunday night through most of this week, however, I am happy that I am seemingly well again. 

I finished a couple of pieces this week, thanks to Paul of course. I smile to myself and I wish you knew my sense of humour better. I'm one of those funny women and I laugh a lot. 

I started sending myself postcards of my art. Pieces I don't want to forget, pieces from this time that are keys to something more. Notes to myself as I am working. Remember this. This is good. Trust this. 

Here are this week's works. 

Solidly in the centre (not moving)
mixed media
A3 size/11.7x16.5”
150gm acid-free smooth cartridge paper

Imaginary traits (you brought me here)
mixed media
A3 size/11.7x16.5”
150gm acid-free smooth cartridge paper

Thank you. Be well. I appreciate you and all your love and support. Thanks for being awake to all that it is beautiful and divine. It's easy to lose that, and I never want us to lose that.

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