Friday, December 11, 2020

ButterBiggens Prize!

First, the big news:

I am the current recipient of the ButterBiggens Prize! The prize is a micro-grant and an interview and feature of some of my latest paintings. I was honoured to have my work selected and love the ethos of the micro-grant. I was interviewed in a chat room, a first I must say. 

To read the interview and see the works featured go here: 

Second, more good news:

I am happy to report I have sold 3 pieces from my "50% Off Sale for Local Collection Only Sale!" And for all you literal folks, there are still ways to get your pieces at a discount without coming by the studio just now (if say you aren't local - as neither of my two patrons has been so far). With a bit of creativity and planning we can make this work, just say the word! 

My first patron sent her kind brother that is local to collect the painting! The second patron asked for a 4-month payment plan for 2 pieces (Yes, I love a payment plan - let's talk) and realised that when March rolls around and the paintings are paid off and more restrictions are lifted as more are vaccinated that she will enjoy a day trip to Edinburgh for fun and to collect the paintings. That's the way to do it! Here's the link for the sale again:

I recorded a long Tuesday Studio Video Visit walking you through my work that is available for £50 or less. These are all available through my Ko-Fi shop. Now, if you are local and want to pick one of these up (say for a Christmas present) because the mail is overburdened we can work this out too. Here's the video and the shop link: 

It's been a great week in my little art world. I am grateful for the support of my work. I hope everyone is hanging in there and taking the best care of yourselves. We need you here. 
Thank you.

If you have any questions about the sales, collecting work or anything art related visit my website and use the contact button. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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