Friday, February 12, 2010

A book of stills...

A manual for living
a ten page guide


The last time we almost touched

The opportunist

Every time she vanished her heart was smaller upon return

She smiled while she died inside

Nothing left to wait for, Nothing left to lose

The goal was always heartbreak


A work in progress, as you can see there are still two pages missing.
This song was on repeat and loud, on my headphones the whole time.
Better photographs and completion of this project coming soon...
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. If ever I was glad to send you some music..
    corrosive & heart stopping;
    washed with loss & loving..
    full of promise..
    hidden deep beneath those layers..

  2. Fantastic Work Megan. I'm really love this idea and I'm particularly drawn to the painting,
    "She Smiled While She Died Inside."

    There's something so longing about these paintings. As I've not heard the music I can't say if it correlates with it, but there's no denying the emotion in these wonderful paintings

  3. These are beautiful works. They must look fantastic in the real world. Half a world away and across the ether, I can only imagine the depths in them. Adding the titles to the front of them is new? I did that with a piece of letraset to something I was working on last month. Strange coincidence.

  4. This is looking fierce. Digging it.

  5. You made a photo book in the past, are you thinking of publishing one again? or should I stop taking you so literally. :)
    Anyways this is an amazing series and I can't wait to see the last two pages.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, Megan! I love the dark, neutrals, and texture. Just wonderful. Happy Saint Valentine's Day.

  7. Thank you all very much for checking out my latest work. It always feels good to share it with my blog readers first. I like this blog best when I am posting work in progress and talking about it with you. It feels good to have a focus and project again. I hope by next week to have better images and share the last two pages of the book with you here as well. I hope you all are doing well in your creative pursuits as well. Thanks again.- Megan

  8. These are very beautiful. I love them. Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Megan, I love seeing these so much. Posted my favorite at

    Hope that's ok!
    <3 Robin

  10. Very Anselm Kiefer to me minus the texture, but with the book theme.... I may be making the connection because he is my favorite artist, but regardless i hope you take it as a compliment. Your work shines in its own way and I can't wait to see the next two! You may need to up the blog to 2 or 3x's a week! Ha! For us impatient ones:)