Friday, February 26, 2010

Hurry up and Wait

Sometimes ©2010 Megan Chapman

I have something I would really like to show you all, but I can not. I have been working on a large 30x40" horizontal canvas painting from the new white series. This is how I spent the week in the studio. I've been enjoying holding myself accountable lately by thinking I will post my weekly results here. However, I have to hold back at this time. This painting practically slayed me. It kept being this ugly behemoth and would not submit to my prodding to become something until finally, under the gun of time, it became and I stopped.

I really like what is happening in the painting, but at the same time I see things that could be improved upon. If I venture forward and make improvements, I could kill the painting and the very elements that might be making it work. Usually in my paintings, I go until everything clicks and feels complete. In my mind my paintings are usually tightly balanced and make "sense." In this white series, I am forcing myself to stop right before they ever get to that point- this makes me uncomfortable but also very excited.

Right now I am feeling a sense of urgency about painting, which is really thrilling. So, the large painting, that I love but am still a bit unsure of, is in a holding pattern, I will not touch it for the next few days. I have to be careful. I will start something new. I will harness this restless energy and perhaps explore some of the challenges I am currently facing.

These are all lessons from the studio this week and I am listening.

Thank you for all the positive feedback I have received in regards to the Manual for Living and the white series, it has been helpful, inspiring, and a much needed push to keep going.

Next week, more paintings for you to sample and enjoy.


  1. “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”
    - Saint Augustine

  2. Exciting, intriguing and bewitching...
    Right here awaiting the next installment :)
    You are listening to the vibrancy of your connection with your painting and I am pleased. ♥

  3. Taking some time away from the big (wow!) canvas is a good idea. Have you turned it to face the wall? I've often found that taking a complete break from a piece can mean that when you return to it, the next step is blindingly obvious. It may well be that it is finished and you've just not noticed yet.

    I too am walking a new path just now, so don't know if if I'll reach the point when "everything clicks and feels complete". I should maybe take my own advice.

    White? I am so very intrugued.

  4. just paint. that's my advice for everyone.