Friday, February 19, 2010

Completion and works in progress

A manual for living
a ten page guide


The last time we almost touched

The opportunist

The goal was always heartbreak

She smiled while she died inside

Nothing left to wait for, Nothing left to lose

Every time she vanished her heart was smaller upon return

We grew homes inside each others bones

There are storms in her heart


This is the manual for living, complete with the last two pages,
"We grew homes inside each others bones" and "Storms in her heart." I am still struggling to get the exact color in the photographs, they are a cross between the lush darkness of last week's images and the subtle colors and focus of this week's images. These were painted with white gesso, charcoal dust suspended in walnut oil, and colored and graphite pencils. These are on 140lb. Arches Watercolor paper and are each 12x9" with approximately a one inch border on all sides.

Besides completing the manual this week, I also worked on two other canvas paintings that had been in progress for a while. These are part of the new white series I shared a couple of weeks ago. These may or may not be done, the paintings are done, but they may or may not have words, and they will be given a slightly glossy clear coat in the end.

I hope you enjoy the new works, again I must say it feels great to be finding my rhythm, and exploring the past while I trudge on into the future. Thanks for stopping by and for your support and encouragement.

*the song I listened to on repeat while I worked on the two new white series canvas paintings is here.


  1. Great work Megan. The manual is complete and its great! I can see these all framed and in a show - fabulous. Congrats ♥

    The first of your canvas paintings in this blog has a fantastic 3D depth - its like a thing stuck to a wall with the telephone wires coming in and away - I love it!!

    As usual your work blows me away....

  2. Beautiful and austere; only you can make things look so effortless, yet complex.

    You're a good artist, kid.

  3. These are excellent, I especially like The last time we almost touched

  4. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your feedback, and am glad you all are liking the work.
    I am excited and looking forward to getting back into the studio this week. The last canvas painting at the bottom of this post, really inspired me to want to paint something similar but on a much larger scale. We will see what happens...

  5. The manual is so beautifully expressive, yet simplistic! I hope you'll be selling an edition in the etsy shop!