Friday, April 30, 2010

This was April

A Manual for living : A ten page guide
detail © 2010 Megan Chapman

April was kind and filled with surprises. I am grateful that I keep a blog to remind me of what I actually manage to accomplish in a month. I think artists are so good at ignoring what we actually do, because many times while we are working we are also sitting, staring, napping, dreaming and zoning out in one manner or another. I believe a lot of magic happens in those down times and lulls, no matter how frustrating it feels when we are going through them. I slept a lot and strangely, and took some personal days away from the studio this month. I attempted to take better care of myself and some days were healthier than others, but at the end of the month I can look back and still feel quite proud of myself.

I completed 4 new paintings in the new white series this month that I am very happy with. I sold ten paintings this month. I had three photographs accepted into a juried exhibition and worked on a grant application. I had many great conversations about art and life with friends near and far. I worked on things concerning the Underground studios; I attended meetings. I kept a type of journal, took photographs, took time away from facebook, listened to a lot of great new music, and enjoyed walking around town and the sweet smell of spring on the wind. In a nut shell, I was very inspired and productive this month, and because of this I am grateful.

Thank you all.

Now, let's see what May holds...


  1. April was an amazing month, both by product and by financial success; I know this can only roll over into May and keep gathering strength, just as you work does.

    I only hope that one day I may find some success by association, but regardless, the greatest reward for me is knowing such a wonderful & amazingly talented & inspirational artist & friend as you..

    ..and to collaborate on work with you is my greatest success so far.

    Onwards and upwards.

  2. Factory Supervisor said it all :))

    Only thing to add is that I'm glad I'm not the only one who stares into space, naps and zones out.... And the creative u-turns are rife a the moment... argh!

    However, when I look back on April, I also achieved some good things...(my best painting ever, took an art class for the first time and braved the process of a vlog again)... I MUST remember this! Thanks for reminding me :))

    Love and admiration,

  3. You two are lovely. We have learned so much over the years together. thank you both.

  4. This is a most wonderful inventory of accomplishments...and extra bravos with a cherry on top to have 10 works find their forever homes...well deserved.

  5. I think it is a good idea to write these things down at the end of each month... or we forget how clever and productive we were.

    It seems to so easy to give ourselves a hard time about what we haven't done but so easy to forget what we have actually achieved.

  6. Thanks Donna for the cherry on top!
    Thank you Katherine for dropping by you are so right in your comment,it is very easy to give ourselves a hard time...Thanks all for stopping by!