Friday, April 15, 2016

Reaching out

Work in progress in the studio

Thank you to everyone who read last week's blog, Taxes and Manifestos. I really appreciate the positive response, private messages and the shares on social media. In the end it is always the more vulnerable posts, the ones I am not sure about posting, that resonate the most. Sharing our struggles as well as our triumphs is so important as that is how we make real, honest connections. It is also how we learn we are not alone and that hopefully we do have a community that can empathize with us and offer support. I am grateful to be continually made aware of this and supported in this way.

Thank you.

Since the blog posted another small painting has sold and I was asked if I would like to be interviewed as part of a "meet the teacher/artist" post on a beautifully designed art site based here in Edinburgh. I appreciate both so much. I will tell you more about the interview once I complete the questions and it has posted. It's been a while since I answered interview questions and I am very much looking forward to it once I sit down and get in the zone.

This week I worked on the canvas that I had begun to get into last week and made some good headway with it and felt pleased. I think there is still a bit further to go. I also picked up the local arts publications for my gallery research and just to get more connected with where I am as I try to make inroads in the Scottish art scene.

I am trying to connect. I am reaching out. I believe in the power of art. I believe that art has saved me more than once and has taught me most of the best lessons I have learned, so I will continue to stick by it and stick by other artists that make it. I have never met more kind and interesting souls.

This gig is a hard one but this is what I am on the planet to do. Artists of the world I see you and I get it. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication. Thank you for being vulnerable and brave and for reaching out.

Until next week, keep fighting. The world needs you and your art. 

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