Friday, April 1, 2016

On target

In the studio, waiting for a name

I finished a large 100x150cm painting this week and for that I am grateful. I also returned to "my plan" and felt much better for it. The two go together without a doubt. I also went out and explored and took in new surroundings, history, art and architecture. It was an intensive week of refilling the well as it had run dry while I wasn't looking.

"The plan" works if I work it. At first it seems like a drag to have a list of things I need to do to survive but many of them are enjoyable tasks and I always feel better and more grounded for having done them. What is the plan? Well it's a combination of meditation, writing, yoga, walking, working in the studio, drinking enough water, taking my vitamins, limiting my Internet exposure in the morning especially, exploring Edinburgh and the culture and art around me and not isolating myself. It also requires that I pace myself as I go about all my other activities. Little and often is the key as I try work the plan regardless of how I feel. Sounds like a regular spa day.

Currently I am back on target.

We are now out of ebb and back into flow territory. Always a welcomed return. I will be in ebb again soon. That is the part I must remember and accept. I hope that the process gets more consistent with time or perhaps I hope I get more understanding of the process and flow with it rather than fight against it.

Ever onwards...

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