Friday, April 29, 2016

Winter comes around again

Painting in progress from the studio
This week in the studio I worked on a 30x30" canvas that was perfectly fine but wasn't fine enough. I completely took it apart to rebuild it. I am pleased that I did.

The yellow and white series (for lack of a better name currently) is in full force. I am looking forward to getting them all properly documented and then trying to find the right exhibition space for these new works as well as adding a few more to the mix. Besides painting in the studio this week, I also packed and shipped another small work to a new patron in Glasgow. I am always grateful for new and repeat patrons and Glasgow has been especially kind to me this year. Thank you!

Two sides of the same story
A series coming together
I also had a lovely studio visit this week. Last week I wrote about my visit to the country to visit friend and fellow artist Louise Blamire. This week Lou came to the city and we had a great chat, laughing and looking at art. There was even talk about a future collaboration. It is always good to have other artists in the studio to look at things and bring their insights and energy into the working space. Thanks, Lou!

The weather has gone wintry again but not in that nice introspective drink too much tea and get things done kind of way but in more of the "I'm not going out in that" kind of thing. Therefore, I haven't had my best art week but it certainly wasn't my worst. I baked a pie (definitely an art form) listened to new music, watched films and watched exciting art being created on the street by Stewart Bremner. Nothing to complain about there.

Next week, I hope to have two new 16x20" canvases to share with you and perhaps some better photos of the series. You know what to do until then.... Keep fighting! 

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