Friday, May 6, 2016

Let's Rock!

Commission palette
This week I focused my energies on a special commission I have been researching and working on for a while now. It's always fun when a patron gives me a few ideas and loose guidance of what they want in a commission but also loads of room to play and explore within the subject.

Because of this I am working on a mixed media painting and using materials I have never worked with before. It has been a fun challenge and I am really looking forward to seeing where it all goes as it progresses. I am honored to have been trusted to create this special piece. I will be finishing the work in the coming weeks. I have told my patrons that I will not share the work in progress until after they have received it and are pleased. It makes it a little hard to do social media or share too much on my blog at the moment but I am documenting it as I go and all will be revealed sooner than later. I do love a good secret!

On this note, I do take commissions and if you are ever looking for an original abstract piece of mine in a different size or for a special occasion or perhaps based on an older style of my work or perhaps a style you can only hint at for the future, please let me know. I love to work with my patrons as long as I have room to create something true to myself and my work, as well as meeting your needs in the process. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me though my contact form on my website

In other art related news I went to see Seattle band, Tacocat, play on Tuesday night. The live music really invigorated me and fanned the flames to see even more live bands in Edinburgh. As someone who has seen live music regularly since I was 14 (and then not as regularly for a while now) it really reminded me of everything I love about seeing a gig. The energy was contagious and life affirming and because of this I have tickets for another Seattle band, Chastity Belt, later in the month. It's all about filling the well, not only with books, films and art, but with some good old live music and a bit of pogo dancing certainly doesn't hurt. You really can dance for inspiration!

Until next week, dance, dance, dance, to the radio... and make your art!

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