Friday, September 23, 2016

New supplies & inspiration

new bright series in progress
There was excitement this week as I received new supplies for my studio after the spate of previous sales. Thank you again to my patrons who have supported my work in recent months, you are helping me to create more art and encouraging me more than you know. Thanks to you, I have new tubes of paint, brushes and some new canvases! Once the parcel of new supplies arrived I spent some time cleaning up my studio and organizing things in the space. I took a good look at the "new bright series" (working title) to see where I am in the game. I made a vow to whip the unfinished pieces into shape before I started anything new...this did not happen. 

However, I did make some progress on several of the new bright paintings but I was just too tempted by the new supplies, so I started messing around with a new small (square!) canvas. I had a good time listening to old playlists from an rediscovered Ipod and dancing around the studio, generally making a mess of things. My hands were black by the end of the session with perhaps some magenta flecks. 

Today I happily gathered up a few more new tubes of paint, a few more new small canvases and replenished my tape stock. When wrapping up my paintings to send to their new homes, I like a bit of tape and if it's pretty tape that's even better!

In other news, I have also been enjoying connecting to a mostly new audience over on Instagram. It is so energizing when folks discover my work for the first time. It has been a nice shot in the arm and very inspiring. It's been great getting to know other artists and their work as well. I always appreciate the feeling of being part of a community. If you don't already follow me over on Instagram, please do. I post a new photo each day and share behind the scenes studio shots, in progress works and finished pieces. By the way you don't have to have an account to view my photos there.

Speaking of inspiration, today we took a wee field trip to Jupiter Artland and spent a good part of the day roaming through nature and happening upon world class art. There is not much better than walking through wild paths with the wind in the tree tops while exploring sculptures and other forms of art surrounded by farms and the wilds of West Lothian. 

Jupiter Artland is one of my favorite places in the whole world and it is hard not to be completely entranced by the experience. A true gem in these lands and not to be missed. I could dedicate a whole blog to the art and artists of Jupiter Artland and maybe one day I will but for now please visit their website to learn more.

And I think that is all I have for you today. Until next week, keep fighting, the world needs you and your art.

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