Friday, August 30, 2019

Books, books, books...

After a wonderful opening reception at Doyle Fine Art in Glasgow last Friday, I spent this past week working on my books. I was fretting about getting them framed and then I remembered that frames were not part of my original plan anyway. I want a table filled with yellowed paper, hard book backs, and spines unleashed. I want you to touch the art and "read" the books. I want you to feel them and pick up the stories that are meant for you. I want you to have an experience. 

As the promotion for the book market says,  “Megan paints and draws in the pages of old hardback books to tell stories collected on the wind and sea. These books are made to be handled and touched, read and collected, like any other.”

Consider yourself personally invited and make plans to attend: Art Walk Porty - The Artist's Book Market, at the Dalriada located right on the Portobello Promenade across from the sea in Edinburgh. Saturday the 7th 12-6pm and Sunday the 8th of September from 12-5pm.

In my Tuesday Video Visit this week, I talk in-depth about my thoughts behind the books and why I started them 20 years ago and why I continue with them today. While my face is not in the video this week, you get a good sense of what this project is all about. I hope you will give it a listen. 

Until next week, keep fighting!

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