Friday, March 13, 2020

Art in the time of Covid-19

Hello, lovely folks!

I hope you are staying well, safe, and hopefully home and away from others at this time. I am sorry for my recent silence, there has been a lot of information to absorb and things to process for us all.

My solo exhibition at the Helensburgh Art Hub in April has been, of course, smartly canceled. We may try to arrange an online gallery of the works or a digital art talk in the near future.

Also, the fabulous Irving Gallery in Oxford has had to close their doors for now as well and many other galleries are closing for the safety of all involved.

Please like the gallery pages above and below to show them some virtual support as they not only manage their galleries and artists but also their families, communities, and their own personal wellbeing in these uncertain times. Many galleries are working on new and exciting ways to stay connected with their patrons and artists at this time, so please stay tuned.

Sending love and thanks to all the galleries that have represented and shown my work in the past and present and to all the individuals that have supported me over the years. Thank you.

Please follow and support these gallery pages online and across social media as well to stay connected as we move forward: Solo Gallery, The Velvet Easel Gallery, Paper + White and Fenix Fayetteville. I will be posting more regularly soon and will be updating my webshop as well and trying to come up with creative ways to work from home as I am away from my studio. I hope you are well and taking the best care of yourselves and your communities.

Thinking of you all with love and gratitude. - Megan 

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