Friday, October 26, 2007

Unnamed and Mysterious

Yesterday was cold and foggy almost. It looked like it could rain at any moment. The leaves in my back yard have turned a bit golden, and they look heavy and ready to drop. I felt very inspired yet, I didn't exactly want to paint. I looked at other people's art, and felt in awe of all the unique and individual voices that are working out in the world, simply creating. The artists that capture the magic and mystery that is seldom seen. I was aching to do something, and then it hit me. Why must I always paint in order to create something, in order to feel productive?

I don't- and with that I got out my camera and melted into the hours that followed. I wasn't a painter with clients or obligations, or projects on the back burner.

I was simply being free to express something
unnamed and mysterious.

When was the last time you were just free and let yourself experiment with something other than your medium?


  1. ooh, I like those images! especially with the old film effects. you're right- we don't take enough time out of our daily routines (be it art or work or both) to play, experiment and create in other mediums...