Friday, August 28, 2020

Without people, you're nothing (and a cat helps too)


I am writing this on a Wednesday morning, but it will be backdated for last Friday for consistency's sake. Last week was an awful emotional rollercoaster and all my attention was turned towards my beloved cat Theo. For me, Theo is a constant state of love and joy and we got some bad news last week which included a 48-hour animal hospital stay. However, this Monday we had some much better news and I can breathe again. I am filled with a renewed belief in perseverance, science, amazing vet care as well as the power of love and dedication. Some real truths have been shown to me this week and I am thankful. 

Side note, if you are ever told your cat is in renal failure or what most folks now kindly call chronic kidney disease or suspect your cat is gravely sick, first, get the best care for your cat as soon as possible and then learn more about the illness and what can be done. This clearinghouse of information online was extremely helpful and gave me the hope I needed to not give up and to be a better caregiver and advocate for Theo. Click here to learn more about chronic kidney disease in cats and what can be done (but only in conjunction with vet care!).

The anchor holds

Mixed media on canvas

© 2019 Megan Chapman

I carry the light

Mixed media on canvas
© 2019 Megan Chapman

Okay, on to a few bits of art news. This is the last week of the Paisley Art Institute’s 132nd Annual Online. I was thrilled to have the above two pieces accepted into this storied exhibition which was held online this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have not yet done so, grab a cup of tea and browse the virtual gallery walls from the comfort of your own home. My work is on the first wall of the "headspace" room. Click here to go right there but do take some time to enjoy the other rooms of art. The exhibition ends on September 6th. 

In other art news, back in July, I was commissioned to film a studio tour for
Leith Late. That short video along with additional videos by many other talented artists and makers around Edinburgh has now been released in the form of a culture map that you can visit online. I encourage you to take some time to visit the map and learn more about the various studios and the artists that use them throughout the city as well as the virtual mural tour. I was so pleased to be selected to participate. 

You can enjoy and learn more about all the latest #Leith100 events - including the new online resource #LeithLateVirtualTours comprising of virtual Open Studios from around Edinburgh and Leith Mural Tours at

LeithLate Virtual Tours : Megan Chapman from LeithLate on Vimeo.

That is all I have for you this week. Sending love and light out to everyone reading, I know we have all been going through a hell of a time collectively. I hope the arts bring you some comfort. Please keep fighting and know you are not alone. We need you and what you bring. Thank you.

Special thanks to my community that has really supported me during this time. To quote Joe Strummer as I have many times before, "Without people, you're nothing." I am so thankful for my people (and sweet Theo). x

Friday, August 21, 2020

Music is the key that unlocks the door

Dancing in the old house

Original mixed media painting 
200 gsm heavyweight acid-free cartridge paper
A2/16.5x23.4", 2020, Megan Chapman

This week I painted again. After last week's five-piece story, these two larger pieces came tumbling out. Sometimes, it has to do with time and then sometimes it has to do with music. And this week I found a piece of music that moved me. I think music is my most important art material. Without it, there is no work. This work was created while I was listening to the album Henosis by Joep Beving. I have his first albums that I have previously painted to but this one crossed my path this week. I am grateful it did. Music clears the clutter and lets me soar inwardly so I can find the marks and the places that need to be explored and expressed through my art. I use music like breadcrumbs towards a shamanic journey. It is the key that unlocks the door. I have more to say but I just can't seem to put it together just now. Perhaps the paintings can do the talking. 

This is where it starts
Original mixed media painting
200 gsm heavyweight acid-free cartridge paper
A2/16.5x23.4", 2020, Megan Chapman 

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Now and the Memories

One. I'll be pink and you will be too. We will spread out over oceans. We will spread across time. We will isolate together, alone. At first, our boundaries will be defined. People all around us, keeping us warm like insulation. You stay in your group and I will stay in mine. Be safe.

Two. People are rushing all around, there has been a breach. There are other pinks but not exactly like me, and certainly not like you. There is a mad crush, they want to rub shoulders, they want to talk loud, spit flies in the air. I am caught against them, held captive but the walls soothe you. 

Three. We are lost in the sea of bodies, my light is dimming. Less pink all the time. I can't see. 

The memories: Fresh like spring and we are gone. 

Five new works on paper created in August 2020. These works were inspired by life, real and imagined, and the words, 'the loss of physical touch is distancing my soul' written by my friend Rosa Macpherson. 

These are the first finished abstract works I have created since May 19th. 

These mixed media pieces are on 200gsm heavyweight acid-free A3 sized cartridge paper and are available for purchase in my Ko-fi shop.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Feel good and do good: Charity paintings

This series of original paintings are A4 sized - 21X29.7cm/8.3x11.7” mixed media on 280gsm/80oz primed canvas board. They are signed and dated on the back. Each piece is £135 with free shipping in the UK and with £10 additional postage to anywhere else in the world. 

£55 from the sale of each piece will be donated to the brilliant charity Bikes for Refugees Scotland and will put a bike in the hands of a New Scot.

It's a win-win when you purchase one of these original paintings. You are supporting me as an artist and you are supporting our New Scots refugees. Feel good and do good. Collect art. 

You can buy these charity pieces directly from my Ko-fi shop. Just click the collect link under each piece to be directed to my shop. Thank you.