Friday, April 26, 2019

You make my heart sing : Look what we did!

Thanks to eight lovely art patrons and many shares across social media, in less than one week, we were able to raise £495 to help Bikes for Refugees Scotland. This donation will put nine bikes on the road and give refugees a warm welcome and free transportation. Together we made a difference! Thank you very much, you really do make my heart sing with your generosity. I made the donation earlier this week. I am honoured to be able to use my work in this way and grateful for my patron's support. Thank you!

I received this record of our donation yesterday.

In other news, inspired and feeling supported, I worked on six small works on deep canvas this week. I would say these are still in progress but there was something I liked enough of about them to document them at this stage.

They are 20x20x4cm/8x8x1.5” and have a springy vibe but to be honest the colours may be a bit jacked up in these phone snaps. Stay tuned...

Oh and in other news, read this book by Viv Albertine and perhaps listen to this podcast, what she says about women in the arts (all sorts) is spot on in my opinion and I am grateful that she gives this voice. 

I apologise for being a bit absent on the blogging front, some astute readers may notice that I have gone back and filled in all the gaps this year. 2019 is now up to date and I feel a sense of relief. I love this old blog of mine and I aim to do better by it some longer think pieces coming soon. 

Rise up, wake up, make a difference, use what you have. Keep fighting, we need you!

With sincere gratitude and love, 


Friday, April 19, 2019

Set my soul on fire : Bikes for Refugees

Okay, Let's do this! Let's put some bikes on the road for refugees here in Scotland! I am very excited to use my art in this way. This sort of thing sets my soul on fire. 

Learn more about the charity:
Here are the paintings: 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Live with art!

A dear friend and patron, Barbara Jaquish shared this photo of her cat, Reuben Roscoe, relaxing in front of one of my paintings (from 2004-2006?). I asked if I could share this with you because this photo captures my ethos of living with art. Art lives and breathes with you and your cat. It moves with you from room to room, marking the years and memories and gives new life to space. It rides in cars, it gets dusty, it gets mishandled, it gets loved, it fades, it gets messy, just like life. Live with art, it's so much more than just a pretty picture.

Right now, my focus is on this brilliant charity, Bikes for Refugees Scotland, that provides free bikes and all the gear needed to refugees in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I’ll be sharing more as my fundraising efforts for this charity go live. I spoke at length in my Tuesday Studio Video Visit this week about the great work they are doing. Please check it out if you missed it (see below).

Until next week, every day we paint is a victory (especially when we can use our work to help others)! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

We need you here

In the window!!

Dancing Light Gallery sent me this photo of my painting, "This is where I wait for you" hanging in their window. Lovely! It's always a joy to see one's art in the window, hell anywhere in a gallery is nice, but the window feels extra special. I feel very honoured to have four of my pieces showing in Dancing Light at the same time I have work in The Velvet Easel. I hope they both have success, these are both women-owned and run establishments and they do a brilliant job! Support them!

Inspired, I started working back into some paper works I had put on hold. I have an idea about this series, I'd like to use it for a fundraising effort. We will see what happens...

Until next week, keep making and doing. Keep feeling and fighting. We need you here.