Friday, April 30, 2010

This was April

A Manual for living : A ten page guide
detail © 2010 Megan Chapman

April was kind and filled with surprises. I am grateful that I keep a blog to remind me of what I actually manage to accomplish in a month. I think artists are so good at ignoring what we actually do, because many times while we are working we are also sitting, staring, napping, dreaming and zoning out in one manner or another. I believe a lot of magic happens in those down times and lulls, no matter how frustrating it feels when we are going through them. I slept a lot and strangely, and took some personal days away from the studio this month. I attempted to take better care of myself and some days were healthier than others, but at the end of the month I can look back and still feel quite proud of myself.

I completed 4 new paintings in the new white series this month that I am very happy with. I sold ten paintings this month. I had three photographs accepted into a juried exhibition and worked on a grant application. I had many great conversations about art and life with friends near and far. I worked on things concerning the Underground studios; I attended meetings. I kept a type of journal, took photographs, took time away from facebook, listened to a lot of great new music, and enjoyed walking around town and the sweet smell of spring on the wind. In a nut shell, I was very inspired and productive this month, and because of this I am grateful.

Thank you all.

Now, let's see what May holds...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eleven Paintings: The New White Series

Falling into sound

Something Quiet

Right Words, Wrong Frequency

As you said

Where Stranger's Dreams Cling


The Absence of Fear

Dispensing old memory

I dream of tornadoes...

The notes we will never sing

A pocket full of live wires

Here is the white series at this point in time (there will be more). I posted the newest additions first. These are posted in roughly the order they were painted, working backwards in time. These are just studio snap shots, the work will be documented properly at a later date. I am pleased with how these are turning out. It has been a very expansive feeling to move away from my usual colors, and see where this series takes me. I am enjoying looking back to my past work to tease out this seemingly new direction. I probably could write a lot about what these are all about and how I've made them, but I would like you to be with them mostly. Thanks for stopping in.

For those interested, the top painting, Falling into Sound, was created while listening to the song Celestica by the Crystal Castles at full blast and on repeat.

And yes, I was dancing...

all paintings © 2010 Megan Chapman

Friday, April 16, 2010

The world opened up and said yes

As you said © Megan Chapman 2010

This week was interesting to say the least. April has never been a good month for me historically, but I decided that this April would be different and so far it has not disappointed. This April, I committed to taking better care of myself (again) and to work a little harder than usual. I guess in self help lingo, you could say I set an intention for the month, and by doing this, I seemed to have been rewarded almost immediately. The world opened up and said yes, or perhaps I went to the crossroads and made a deal with the devil. If you have been reading my blipfoto journal you know what happened to me this past Saturday afternoon, but if not I think it bears repeating and celebrating. I sold NINE of my paintings to a first time collector! This was the most wonderful thing not only for me, but I think, also for the collector. I could see how excited she was, and how her confidence built with each choice she made. I loved working with her closely while she amassed her collection. It was one of those days many artists dream of, just a magical experience all around. I just couldn't believe it. I am humbled, grateful, and thrilled to no end. It was also wonderful to share my happiness with my friends on blip, facebook, and my studio mates. Now I am sharing it with you. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends near and far who are genuinely happy for me. Thank you.

In other news, yesterday afternoon I happily received an email notification that three of my photographs had been accepted into a juried exhibition entitled Crafting Place: Interpretations of Natural and Constructed Environments from the Kitchen to the Forest. The Juror was Kenneth Trapp former curator-in charge of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The exhibition is to be held May 6th through June 5th in Bentonville, Arkansas at the Sugar gallery. I am excited to share three of my photographs from my Picher, Oklahoma series. I am also proud of myself for entering photographs in the exhibition, as I really consider myself a painter and not a photographer. I guess I am an artist after all.

As far as the studio goes, I popped in and out all week, and I looked at my paintings, but nothing really happened. Currently, I have one on the go on the easel that if I wasn't still so excited about my Saturday sales, I could probably focus on and wrap up fairly quickly. The piece posted above is the latest in the white series, it is quiet and serene, perhaps a space to breathe. At first I wasn't sure if it was done, but now I think it is.

If I had to sum up this week it was full of good fortune, healthy eating and drinking, walking, talking, napping and smiling, with a dash of music music music and as always art.

Until next week, keep fighting.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Right Words, Wrong Frequency ©2010 Megan Chapman

I thought this painting had come to some resolution by last Wednesday, but I was wrong. It was too plain, too spacious, too something that I couldn't put my finger on. So, on Monday I got back into it, and by Wednesday it declared itself done. Yesterday, I varnished it. I am pleased and relieved. It was a strange piece, it is not like me to focus on one work and as intensely as I did for a month and a half, but I am glad I did. I wish my photograph was better, but for now this gives you a pretty good idea of the piece. I think I also completed another small piece that I had started on Monday, but I am not sure and I don't want to steal any thunder from my month long monster just yet. So far there are 10 pieces (1-2 are still in progress) in the new white series. I was planning on holding them back and compiling them until I have a solo show in November, but that seems so far away. People are getting excited about them now, and I would like to share them as well. I may put a few in the back vault gallery at the Underground next month.

So here is a preview of all of the currently finished works together. There will be more works in this series to come. Music in the slide show by Sigur Rós the track is called Takk...

Untitled from Megan Chapman on Vimeo.

Until next week.

Friday, April 2, 2010

This is April

while you sleep © 2010 Megan Chapman

Well, the painting that had been driving me mad all month, finally came to some sort of resolution by Wednesday evening. No, you still can't see it. I was just too scattered this month to really paint the way I would like, and it really got to me, but I did other things of value. I have to remind myself of this. I did other artistic things. I interacted in the world as an artist (do I have any other choice). This month there was too much talking and too many voices for me to focus but that is okay. I produced a ton of work the month prior, because I was so inspired and that type of production is not sustainable no matter how much I would like it to be. Anyway, does it sound like I am trying to convince myself of something...

In other news, last night the Fayetteville Underground, (where my studio is) celebrated their one year anniversary with some amazing exhibitions and a huge turn out. I am so proud to be affiliated with this organization. The shows just keep getting better and better and it is so inspiring to be connected to so many wonderful artists. I feel a real sense of community with my peers, and that is a great feeling. We all work extremely hard to make the Underground what it is. The visiting artists are no different, they always make us look good. It is amazing to think of all we have accomplished over the past year. I just have to say again how inspired I am by the work I get to see on a regular basis. To learn more about the Underground and the exhibitions we have currently click here.

Here is a photograph of my 4 paintings currently showing in the back vault gallery at the underground this month.

I think there are other things I would like to say and report, but I can't find the words right now. Thank you for reading this if you have and supporting me as an artist. I like knowing you are there.

Until next week, you know what to do.