Friday, June 18, 2021

I went back to my studio

I went back to my studio on Friday only because I had a scheduled meeting that was cancelled. I only continued to my studio because I thought it was good to challenge the inertia settling into my bones. I only went to my studio to pick up some art for an upcoming exhibition - may as well. The studio is frozen in time. My birthday presents from two Marches ago still sit left where they were unwrapped along with a cup of mouldering tea and brushes left in the sink. The air was damp and too still. The tools were lonely -


The paintings shuttered inside for over a year no light, no banter, no community. I made myself stay in the studio for an hour, trying to find a spark of creation in the windowless room. A place I have spent so many hours-

The room felt hollow and collapsed. A punishment rather than a prize. A lonely place where no one knows your name and you pay for the privilege.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Exhibition update: Advancing the Abstract

Advancing the Abstract
Friday 9 July 2021 - Sunday 25 July 2021
Reception: Saturday 10 July 2021, 2-6 pm
Open daily from 12-5 pm

Gallery Two, Edinburgh Palette, St. Margaret’s House
151 London Road
‘Advancing the Abstract’ is the debut exhibition from a new collective of abstract painters based in Scotland. The collective, aptly named, The Abstractionistas, is currently made up of four artists - Esther Donaldson, Megan Chapman, Judith Shaylor and Susan Wilson. These women bring a depth of experience in the arts and a firm dedication to abstract expression, each one striking a different chord with their use of colour, line, space, and drama.
The goal of the collective is to create more opportunities to share the enduring importance, power and pull of abstraction with viewers across Scotland. Please join us for this exciting inaugural exhibition.
The exhibition will be open to the public, subject to current government guidelines. Masks are required except for those who are exempt, social distancing will be in place, and hand sanitiser will be available.
Please book your free tickets on Eventbrite so that we can provide you with a safer and more enjoyable exhibition experience. There are 10 tickets available for each 30-minute time slot to allow for physical distancing.
To attend the opening reception please select ticket times between 2-6 pm on Saturday 10 July. All the artists will be available at this time and would love to see you there!

Friday, June 4, 2021

The sun was glorious


Hello, dear art lovers and readers of the Friday Studio Blog! I hope you are all doing well. 

I am thankful for you and for the print orders that have been coming in more steadily for the past three weeks. Your orders are really keeping me going just now. I now offer twenty-one different prints in my shop ranging from £15, £25, and £40 and with free UK shipping too! They make great gifts for your friends, family, and especially for yourself!

I am getting ready to be busy as next month I will be participating and helping to organise two different exhibitions in Edinburgh (and in the real world!?). One will be at the Granton Hub and one will be at Edinburgh Palette, St. Margaret's house, both in July. Next week I will give you all the details. 

My feelings have been a bit all over the place as the summer approaches and the news of the world continues to overwhelm with both hopeful and still shite news. I am walking daily and spending time appreciating flowers, my cat, and the lovely people in my life. I am still keeping things mostly quiet and am in no rush to return to normalcy whatever that is. 

I tidied up my home studio area. I had a great art talk with a fellow painter, I worked on preparation for both exhibitions, signed and titled prints, and took them to the post office. It was a pretty good week.

The wind is blowing through the open window, there are potatoes baking in the oven for dinner. The sun was glorious this morning. I will be posting out more prints next week too. I'll end as I began with gratitude for your support. 

Don't forget, I place my orders with my fabulous printer every Monday morning at 9am. So if you are looking to get a print from my shop, get your orders in by Sunday night for quickest turn around time each week. You are supporting two women-owned small idependent art businesses with every purchase and that is a good and helpful thing. Thank you - Megan 





Friday, May 28, 2021

Ghosts of the past revisited. Limited edition prints.


"You can't make them say the old familiar words their mouths move in different ways"
This is a limited edition, giclée print is on heavyweight archival matte paper (220gsm/81lb) and will be signed and numbered in pencil. The print is A3 sized/11.7×16.5" Limited Edition of 50

"There is too much space here and always of the wrong kind"
This is a limited edition, giclée print is on heavyweight archival matte paper (220gsm/81lb) and will be signed and numbered in pencil. The print is A3 sized/11.7×16.5" Limited Edition of 50

"You are of the land you left behind, you built the land that will remain a stranger"
This is a limited edition, giclée print is on heavyweight archival matte paper (220gsm/81lb) and will be signed and numbered in pencil. The print is A3 sized/11.7×16.5" Limited Edition of 50

"You see the faces of the forgotten and lost as shadows dance around your children" 
This is a limited edition, giclée print is on heavyweight archival matte paper (220gsm/81lb) and will be signed and numbered in pencil. The print is A3 sized/11.7×16.5" Limited Edition of 50

This series combines genealogy, poetry, and painting, exploring many aspects of the Scottish diaspora in the United States.
I think of these paintings as giant pages from a weathered picture book of my family’s past. The silhouettes of my Scottish ancestors float across the painted page, while tea and coffee stain the background. The blue represents water, air, and dreams. The map lines connect the figures to their homeland and to each other through time as memories of the past and present haunt and comfort them. A type of poetry bridges the gaps and tells their stories real and imagined. This is my story and theirs but it is also yours and ours...
This is the first time these particular images from this 2013 series have been offered as prints and I am delighted with these A3-sized limited edition reproductions.

I am so thankful for the orders and tips I am receiving just now. 2021 has been much slower for me than 2020 and with fewer grants and less available funding so please know you are making a difference and keeping me going. Thank you! Have a great weekend. - Take care - Megan 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Honey, have I got prints for you!

This week I am excited to present my new limited edition prints! Bringing you more colourful abstracts, bold and minimal selections from the distillation series (as seen on HBO's True Detective), and even work from my Scottish diaspora series are now available! I am focused on creating more ways for you to enjoy and support my work while keeping it affordable, these signed prints range in price from £15-40 and include free shipping in the UK. International shipping available too! Visit my shop and click the prints tab to see them all!

And remember these are printed to order in Scotland by another woman-owned small art business, so you can feel extra good about your purchase as you support not one but two artists! Thank you for stopping by and for supporting my work. Have a great weekend! The world needs you and the gifts you bring. Keep fighting!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Are the vitamins working?

Sissy felt sure the vitamins were working. 

Megan on the other hand wasn't. 

This week went by in a flash! I can't believe it is has been a week already since my first vaccination. I don't know what I did this week except for thankfully go to a lovely yoga nidra/meditation session, go to a meeting of the Abstractionistas collective, go to a volunteer meeting, take care of my mental health, take a couple of tiny walks, celebrate mother's day, keep in touch with my pals to talk about art, life, and everything in between- sending lots of love to one friend, in particular, going through a tough time. And I made time to draw Sissy and I sold a couple of prints! Oh and I sold a box of old books (as one does to stay afloat). 

I like Sissy's mouth.

How was your week? Are the vitamins working? 

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Friday, May 7, 2021

One hell of a week!

It's been one hell of a week. 

Monday - An unscheduled bank holiday (£££) appointment for Theo at the vet as he had some worrisome symptoms. Turns out he is fine, and it was a good reminder to me that we are dealing with a chronic ailment that we are managing quite well.

Wednesday - An emergency appointment at the dentist for me for a suddenly broken tooth and a total freak out. Turns out it was easily remedied and it was a good reminder that there are brilliant and skilled helpers in the world and that the NHS is such an incredible organisation. 

It was also election day but thankfully I had already voted by post - but the energy was still palpable. 

Friday - A rescheduled vaccination appointment (as I had to cancel on Wednesday due to my tooth). Another reminder of just how brilliant the NHS is at keeping on schedule and taking exceptional care of folks here. It was fast and efficient and the nurse who gave me my jab was brilliant and kind. 

As you have probably figured out I am playing blog catch-up due to the "one hell of a week." I will say that by Friday night I was exhausted and by Saturday morning I was feeling the common side effects - sore arm, low-grade fever, and body aches - much like having the flu. I am not going to lie - it was pretty miserable, but it beats the alternative! And by Sunday morning, I was feeling almost completely well again. Thank you, NHS!! 

Even with this hellish week, I did manage to fit in some drawing (see above) and filmed a Tuesday Studio Video Visit (Facebook hasn't let me post it yet - I'm still working on it). 

This week I was reminded of how good and caring people are and how interconnected we are. There are so many people who are doing good work, being kind, comforting, and supportive. We don't sing their praises enough. The vet, the dentist, the nurse, the volunteers, the taxi drivers, the delivery drivers, so many people are supporting us and helping us in this life. They aren't just showing up to work, they are making a real difference in the quality of our lives. I am filled with gratitude and reverence. 

Until next week, stay well, and thank you for you putting kindness out into the world. 

If for some reason you are reading this and you are unsure if you are putting kindness out into the world, just know that you are cared for and you are basically good and take it from there. 

If you missed last week's post, I shared a collection of some of the paper works I have done in the past year. I would love for you to go over and view them. You can do that here:

Thank you.