Friday, June 25, 2010

A place to drown...

© 2010 institute du loop

So... I worked this week. I actually managed to paint! Nothing amazing or earth shattering, but there were marks made, there were grounds laid, there were things to explore, paint dripping, water splattering and hitting the floor.

If you have been reading my blog lately, you know I have been stuck on three new works in progress for the past several weeks. However, I do have my reasons for not painting that much this month...

I am excited to share that I have been working hard to bring something to the Fayetteville Underground from Taipei Taiwan. I have been working closely with the artist of the institute du loop over many months to bring their premier international exhibition to the light of day. This has been thrilling, exasperating, surprising, funny and hard work. The institute du loop's A Place to Drown will debut on Thursday July 1st at the Hive Gallery in the Fayetteville Underground, in Fayetteville, Arkansas as part of our monthly first Thursday art events from 5-8pm. So, while I have been a bit creatively blocked with my own paintings, I have been busy curating this exciting and challenging international exhibition. I am hesitant to use the word curating, as I am an artist by trade, but I can't think of a better word. If you are a curator please don't send me hate mail.

There have been countless emails, chats, diagrams, photographs, writings, ideas, and questions sent back and forth from Taipei to Fayetteville and vice-versa in preparation for this exhibition. It has been a very interesting experience to work with another artist in such a way. This is clear evidence of how our world has changed, how much technology allows such amazing and inspiring things to happen. I received the exhibition via Fed Ex on two thumb drives with a Chinese stamp in order to sign the work. I will receive the artist composed soundtrack for the exhibition electronically as well. I will be reimbursed for my printing and other in house supplies via paypal by the artist and then when work sells the artist will be paid that way in return. It is just so wonderful that all of this technology can be used in such a creative way. I am especially proud to be able to bring this emotional and wonderful body of photographic works and music to our community. I am also humbled by the trust given to me by the artist.

Press Release:
Institute du Loop will present its premier international exhibition, A Place to Drown, in the Hive Gallery within the Fayetteville Underground during the month of July. This exhibition, curated by artist Megan Chapman, comes to the Fayetteville Underground from Taipei, Taiwan. The Institute du Loop is the brain child of English born visual and sound artist, "Mr. Loop." Mr. Loop has lived in Taipei for two years, and this body of work reflects his sense of being lost in the city, drowning in emotions, submerged and dreaming on the strange island he now calls home.

The photographic works presented capture what the artist's eye misses, he is using his camera to “see” what he cannot. The camera gives the artist a chance to lose himself in fleeting moments again and again. Mr. Loop sees his work as a form of emotional documentation: through these images he is finding his eyes and his heart. The Institute du Loop's exhibition presents the viewer with an archive of images, words, and sounds, or as the title suggests,
A Place to Drown.

Latest tracks by institute

"now I feel like an individual, like myself. My heart is feeling and my brain is thinking and I am dreaming with my eyes wide open..." -institute du loop

I am ready to drown. Are you?

Thanks for stopping by, more about the exhibition next week.

The exhibition will remain up through July 31st.
The Fayetteville Underground
Basement of One East Square Plaza
East side of the Historic Fayetteville Square.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Gallery Hours W-F 12-7pm
Saturday 10-5pm
4 galleries: Open Studios

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time travel etc.

brushes in the studio waiting...

Oops... How did this happen? No Friday post, but here I am on Sunday. This is the first time I have posted on a Sunday, but not the first time I missed my Friday deadline. I looked back at my blog a year ago this week, and what would you know, but I missed Friday then too and made up with a Saturday post. Further proof that at times when I think I am living on some type of loop, I probably am.

So, the basic story is that I am still blocked. I am writing, taking photographs, and spending the "right" amount of time in my studio. I have even painted, but the works are not coming forth- they are remaining submerged under the surface. Bubbling up under my skin, but then retreating when I try to actualize them. I have to be patient. I am not good at waiting. When I am not painting, I worry that I may never paint again- which is completely ridiculous. I think I might forget how; again not possible! Anyway- suffice it to say, when I am not working it messes with my mind, mood, and my overall life. Typical artist type behavior.

When I haven't been working, I am not sure what to share with you all on here, hence the delay. I tried to write about my creative block in my journal, but everything I wrote seemed overly dramatic or too personal to share here.

This is just part of the process, like folks mentioned last week. This will not be the last time I stumble or feel uncomfortable on the creative path. I have to reassure myself that something is building, and when it is time, it will pour out of me and into future paintings.

Thanks to all my readers who check in here, and all my friends who remind me not to be so hard on myself and to be patient. Sometimes, it is the people on the outside who can see so clearly, what we cannot when we are wrapped up inside. I hope the muse finds us all and soon.

Thanks for checking in.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jumbled up...

details from my easel

I have three new paintings on the go currently in my studio. I have been attempting to work on them to the point that I could share them with you today, but it just wasn't meant to be. There were too many voices, too many outside influences and gibberish. I could not connect or find the track I needed that would allow me to be the conduit this week. I tell myself this is okay, I can feel something at the edge, an inspiration welling up. There are stories I want to write, photographs I want to take and of course these three paintings I want to complete. It is interesting to me, that I can have a completely uplifting experience last Friday with a patron and then the week following takes me far away from those feelings and leaves me grasping.

Let's focus on the uplifting experience. Last Friday, a patron came into the Underground and we looked at all my paintings, we sat in my studio and I felt like we both really looked at my work. Then we moved some of it into the gallery and we really looked again. It was a unique experience to stand next to the patron while he intensely studied my work. We both just stood there looking for a long time, and for an instance it was not my work we were looking at, it was just work. It was art on a gallery wall. We were silent and then there was a moment where we turned and looked at each other, the silence was broken with a smile and perhaps a laugh because I think we had both been caught in a space far away just for a moment. It was a wonderful feeling. To know that my work was taking us somewhere and words were not needed. Even if he had not chosen to purchase my paintings, I would have treasured those silent moments. However, he chose all three that he viewed, and it was the right choice. I was then asked to deliver my work, and that was an extra treat for me. Upon entering the patrons home I understood at once, why he was drawn to my work. He and his wife seemed thrilled to have it in their home. We placed it around the house and we looked again and we talked about it. It was another wonderful moment, where I knew how lucky I am to have the job that I do as a visual artist. I will never get tired of these connections, these moments outside of the regular humdrum of daily life. I left with a smile on my face and a gratefulness in my heart.

It is a job, but it is more of a calling. Everyday, I know more and more that this is my life. There is much more to me than just painting and art, but it is central to my happiness and well being. It is central to how I relate in the world and with others. It has brought me in contact with some of the most beautiful souls on the planet. It has expanded my horizons, my self confidence and worth. I am writing this so I will remember. All of these feelings are so easy to forget. Such as this week, when the art was not flowing and it becomes scary and frustrating. There will always be weeks when my confidence is shaken and it feels as though I have never held a brush and have never had an inspiration.

When these thoughts get too much, I will remember the silence shared in the gallery and I will remember diving into my work with a stranger only to resurface as friends.

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is June.

Selections from the new white series
back vault gallery June 2010
Fayetteville Underground

Another month, gone already? Where is the time going? It passes quickly while I have been busy working in my studio at the underground. I have a feeling the next few summer months are going to be even more hectic. I am pleased I have been consistently painting, and I hope for more of the same. I must say I am thrilled with the response from people in person and online about the new white series and The Manual for Living. I am inspired and happy to be in such a wonderful local and global arts community.

I wanted to add the most recent members of the new white series to the group, so I can see them all in one place. This helps me. Also, hopefully it helps you too. If you are interested in any of these paintings, please contact me to learn more about purchasing them through the Fayetteville Underground.

And as always thanks for looking in and for your support.

We will sink to the bottom of the ocean together
30x24" $725
©2010 Megan Chapman

A Certain Trajectory
24x30" $725
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Everything feels prehistoric (when we crash down to earth)
30x24" $725
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Somehow we find ourselves on the same continent
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Falling into sound
40x30" $1,200
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Something Quiet
20x16" $375
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Right Words, Wrong Frequency
© 2010 Megan Chapman

As you said
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Where Stranger's Dreams Cling
© 2010 Megan Chapman

30x40" $1,200
© 2010 Megan Chapman

The Absence of Fear
© 2010 Megan Chapman

Dispensing old memory
16x20" $375
© 2010 Megan Chapman

I dream of tornadoes...
20x10" $425
© 2010 Megan Chapman

The notes we will never sing
© 2010 Megan Chapman

A pocket full of live wires
© 2010 Megan Chapman