Friday, November 29, 2019

Stories waiting to be told

I'll erase the webs and I will crash your boat.
I will dress in delicate lace paired with dirty boots and I will walk the floor.
I will keep trying to get it right.
While ghosts rummage in the silverware drawer
Your thoughts are better kept to yourself

Friday, November 15, 2019

Bicycles for Refugees Fundraiser and Open Studios!

My second fundraiser for Bikes for Refugees is happening now! If you recall, I created 10 works on paper last spring to benefit this important charity organisation and thanks to you, all 10 works sold! We were able to donate £550 to this worthy organisation and I am hoping we can do the same again before the end of the year. 

This latest series of original paintings are A4 sized - 21X29.7cm/8.3x11.7” mixed media on 280gsm/80oz primed canvas board. They will be signed and dated on the back. Each piece is £135. These new works are value-priced for charity and this includes shipping to anywhere in the world. £55 from the sale of each piece will be donated Bikes for Refugees and will put a bike in the hands of a new Scot. 

The bikes are donated to the charity from lovely folks and then the organisation spends money and time to service the bikes, making sure they are roadworthy for their new owners. Each bike also comes with a lock, light, and a helmet. It costs £55 to get a donated bike up and running for new Scot. So each time a painting sells, that's another bike we can get on the road for a refugee. Here's a short clip of me speaking about how I was inspired to help this charity. 

I gladly accept bank transfer and PayPal (if the buyer can kindly pay the PayPal fees). Payment plans are also available (take up to 3 months to pay off your painting if needed). I want you to live with original art and I want to help this important charity. Message me to reserve your painting today! Gratefully, four pieces from this series have already sold! Thanks, patrons! 

Here are the remaining available works. I would love to sell at least 6 more of these before the end of the year! Please share my blog or my facebook album of the paintings and help spread the word. Thank you. 

Also if you are local Edinburgh, my studio G23 will be open this Sunday from 12-5pm along with my friend, textile artist Mairi Brown in F14. We will have our doors open alongside the Makers Marque event at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall located at 36 Dalmeny Street in Leith. It would be a great time for you to come and see these new charity pieces in person and pick up one for yourself or as a gift. 

Until next week, keep fighting! We need you here alongside us creating change and beauty. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

When it rains, it pours

Slowly things are returning to a type of normalcy. The studio has been put back together, all the work for upcoming exhibitions has reached its gallery of choice (The Velvet Easel, Doyle Fine Art, and Dancing Light). I am getting caught up on my blog (go back and catch up if you haven't- all gaps have now been filled). I even managed to record a Tuesday Studio Video Visit on a Tuesday! Here is the evidence (and note the progress of the studio as well!)

In other news, as you can see I am turning the hall into a small works gallery. I also started working on a new small works series, these are going to be charity works like I did in the Spring. It feels so good to finally be able to focus on making work and do it in a spirited and loose way. I started with a favourite palette of mine, one that really came to be this summer while I was working on my book series. I mean lets be honest I have been dancing around this palette for a few years, but anyway it's black, white, grey, yellow ochre, and an electric blue and pale sea foam green oil pastel. These colours thrash about, dance and do loopty loops across the A4 sized canvas board. I jump in time with the beat, I curse, I laugh and I dance as I work. This is the best part, to remember again after a break. To create a reason and then to let the momentum carry me. To get out of my own way and to trust my hand, my materials, my understanding and what I love and what I want in a painting. To be the conduit in my space, on my own terms. What a sweet relief, when it rains it pours.

And we're back!

As always, keep fighting. You will remember again if you forget, your hand knows what to do.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Of Night and Light and more!

I carry the light
Mixed media on canvas
© 2019 Megan Chapman
Separate languages
Mixed media on canvas
© 2019 Megan Chapman
The anchor holds
Mixed media on canvas
© 2019 Megan Chapman
The "Of Night and Light" exhibition opens November 2nd (tomorrow)! Pop on by from 10-5 for a glass of sparkly and "some seriously superb art." Three of my new pieces from my latest series "The Anchor Holds" are there! The Velvet Easel Gallery, 298 Portobello High Street Portobello, Edinburgh.

In other news, I have been busy getting organised and moving back into my Drill Hall studio in Leith after my generous summer residency in the old stables in Granton. I want to say thank you to fellow artist and friend Sandra Brown of Creative Ceramics for allowing me to use the space. I love the old place but I am also ready for my creature comforts now that it is winter, and that means heat, wifi, and the Drill Hall Cafe! I learned a lot during my time at the stables and woke up some sleeping parts of myself. I will always be grateful for the opportunity and Sandra's friendship. 

Speaking of Sandra, we both have work at the fabulous Doyle Art gallery in Glasgow, and earlier today, we met up with gallery owner John Doyle in Sandra's studio so that we could each give him new work for his gallery. It was lovely to have a relaxed chat and a bit of brunch in Sandra's wonderful studio space while getting some art business taken care of. Here are some photos of us posing with a bit of our work and John. 

Besides being behind on my blog, I have also been behind on my Tuesday Video Visits. Honestly, along with my iron deficiency (don't worry I am back on the iron), everything got a bit derailed the past couple of months while I was applying for my Indefinite Leave to Remain status. I am happy to say, I received my leave to remain! I am very grateful and happy to have the stress of my immigration status off my shoulders, it is always a weight in the back of mind and now it is not. Even that is taking a bit of time to get used to! Anyway, this is all a long way to say, I did manage to record a video visit or two! And if you missed it on Facebook, here it is again. 

I think that is all I have for you this week. I have plans and ideas and soon, they will come to fruition! 
Thanks for being on this path with me and for your support. Keep fighting!