Friday, April 29, 2022

Northwest Arkansas, my art is with YOU!

mixed media on canvas
6x8.5" © Megan Chapman 

Listen to the wind
mixed media on canvas
6x8.5" © Megan Chapman

Dear Northwest Arkansas Friends and Art Lovers,

I may be miles from Arkansas living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland but this special collection of original works and limited edition prints are with you in Fayetteville and available now to purchase for two weeks only! This special online sale runs from April 29th to May 13th.

These works once reserved and pre-purchased online will be available for collection from the Ozark Natural Foods outdoor dining area from my friend and fellow artist Maggie Ivy on Saturday, May 14th from 12-2 pm. There will be no work for sale at the collection site - only pick up of presold/paid for works.

20% (after PayPal fees) will be donated to Northwest Arkansas charity, Able Talks "providing high-quality learning experiences for young adults with autism."

If you have any questions regarding the sale or collection of these pieces click the purchase button, this will send me an email to simply start the conversation. To finalise your purchase I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Currently, my archive only allows me to post in GBP (£). Here are the conversion rates (these can vary slightly).

Works on deep edge wood panel: £160.80 ($200.00)
Small rectangular slim profile canvases: £60.30 ($75.00)
Small square slim profile canvas: £52.26 ($65.00)
Limited edition prints - square: £40.00 ($49.75)
Limited edition prints - rectangle: £44.22 ($55.00)

Thank you for your continued support of my work, you are a rare and wonderful community of art lovers and a tough act for any city to follow.

Sincerely yours,
Megan Chapman


In the house you live
12x12" mixed media on panel
© Megan Chapman
Our stories align
signed limited edition print
© 2017 Megan Chapman
A most perfect obstacle
signed limited edition print
© Megan Chapman 1/25

I have only shared a few of the available pieces here in my blog. There are 11 original works on panel and canvas and 11 limited edition prints to choose from. When you click the purchase button it will send me a message with any questions or concerns you may have and we can go from there. Reach out - there are no silly questions, I just want you to live with my art and support a great organisation in the process. 

- Megan 

In Scottish art news, I will be setting up my work along with the Abstractionistas and many other talented artists at the Dalkeith Palace this next Wednesday for the Inception exhibition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 6-8th. Get tickets to attend. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

In the house you live

Outside the window

I am watching pink blossoms and their greenery dance in the breeze outside along the window sill. Theo, my cat, sits on the other side of the window stretched out on my desk while soaking up the sun. I am resting on the sofa across the room with a wee knee injury (nothing serious - just got a bit overzealous with my fitness last week). 

Earlier today, I had my third session of training in the Fair Work Rep series through the Scottish Artists Union. I am learning a lot in these sessions and really enjoying getting to know the other artists that are participating. I even dug out my union badge and have been wearing it with pride. 

If you are an artist in Scotland, please consider joining your union. We are stronger together and the benefits are immense. Become a member.

In other art-related news this week, the Abstractionistas took our exhibition down at Detour Espresso yesterday. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed "Awakenings" at Detour. It was a lovely and friendly venue and we enjoyed sharing our work with you. 

We have also been getting ready for our next exhibition as part of Inception at Dalkeith Palace. Signing our contracts, sending in our label information, and getting all our ducks in a row. 

I will have 6 larger pieces in the exhibition in the palace as well as 9 canvas smaller framed works and 9 small raw canvas mounted works in the pop-up shop space depending. Showcasing a range of my work to suit most budgets and tastes. I know Susan Wilson and Judith Shaylor and all the other brilliant artists and organisers are working hard to bring you the very best!

Get your tickets here:

After cleaning my studio up last week, I have also begun the process of moving some of my paintings and materials that had migrated to my home during the pandemic back to the studio. Hopefully, we will get my pal settled into the space for the start of May and maybe I will start painting again. 

Conversation at 3 a.m.
Mixed media on canvas 6x8.5"
© 2014 Megan Chapman 

This next bit is for those in Arkansas and specifically my hometown of Fayetteville. I am in the early stages of organising an online sale of some of my works that are actually all still there in Fayetteville looking for good homes. Stay tuned, locals! (the two pieces of art in the post are just two examples).

Royal Botanic Gardens

In other non-art related news, I have really been enjoying the spring in Edinburgh, the sunshine has been divine. The flowers are blooming like mad and the trees are just starting to leaf out. Such joy for this time of year to come around again. I made it a point to visit my favourite graveyard, the botanic gardens, and a favourite park this past week along with a few other choice walks and suntraps. I even walked through The Meadows blooming on the way to take down the show at Detour.

And here I am on the sofa with a sore knee, but I will be back amongst the flowers soon enough.

In the house you live
Mixed media on panel
© 2014 Megan Chapman

Dear Artists,

Stand up for yourselves. Stop working for free. Stop underselling your work and yourself. Challenge the way the art world functions and who it is set up to benefit. Set boundaries. Exposure doesn't pay the bills. We must support and encourage each other. We are in the same fight. We are not in competition. Share your secrets and let's reach our goals together as a unified front. Get organised. 

Don't forget to rest and to allow yourself time for joy. Remember what you wanted to express in the first place - you probably won't find it on Instagram but you might find it in your heart, your mind's eye, or in the pit of your stomach. Let it out. We can take it.


Want to leave me £3 ($3.91) in exchange for my work (words, art, videos, and photographs)? It's easy and it feels good to be a supporter!

Thank you!

Friday, April 15, 2022

I know where I have been

It was a good week. On Tuesday I spent 9 hours in my studio, moving, cleaning, and touching everything - making space. As I handled my materials and put my like objects with like objects, I remembered a little more about what I have dedicated my life to and what I value. I enjoyed my time in the studio - it felt good with new energy and purpose.

Box cutters, scissors, glue, twine, pastels, charcoal, brush after brush, paint, papers and canvas, work in progress, and finished works were all there on hold, patiently waiting for my return.

They issued statements, dedications, lamentations, and more importantly declarations.

I make things and experiences. I elicit feelings. I love it when you feel. Better you than me. Just kidding, feelings drip off me like honey. I have feelings to spare, have a spoonful. 

I posted a Tuesday Studio Video Visit after my marathon clean, if you haven't seen it yet, here it is again.

In other news, I also made time to pop by a friend's exhibition this week. Esther Donaldson was showing her brilliant portraits as part of a 3 woman show called, “Untraced Stories” at Dundas Street Gallery. I’m lucky I caught it just before it closed.
Find and follow these talented artists on Instagram and beyond.
I was too busy chatting with the artists and enjoying the exhibition to take photos, but here’s a photo of my newest acquisition - this wonderful portrait by Esther Donaldson. I have wanted one of her fabulous portraits for a while now, so I’m delighted!

Portrait by Esther Donaldson

Detail by Esther Donaldson

Besides all of this, there has been meditation, yoga, exercise, walks, other bits and pieces of work and all the self-care you can shake a stick at. I love the spring - the flowers, the fresh green, and the new beginnings.

This morning, I listened to this old song and danced.
Try it and then continue to fight the power. Joy is necessary!

Thank you for your support.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Permission to rest

A work in progress and my studio from back in the day. Look at all those canvases. 

This week got away from me or did it? 

I attended two union meetings, mentored a brilliant artist, had a doctor's appointment, went to my studio for a bit of a clear out, received some work back from a gallery, had a video chat with an artist pal about artists' working conditions, and recorded my Tuesday Video Visit. 

And then I took it easy - I have permission to rest. I finished watching Station 11 and tonight is the season finale of Severance - no spoilers! Severance is probably one of my favourite programmes since the first season of Twin Peaks. Highly recommend. 

I'm still not painting much this year - and it's already April. I am not sure I have ever gone this long without making new work. I think I am okay with it. I think much of my previous work was fueled by internalised capitalism and built upon a foundation of doubt and fear. That wee truth bomb is brought to you by the union and a lot of personal work. The good news is that I don't have to work like that anymore.

However, I will say, I have been seeing flashes of work in my mind's eye again lately and that's always exciting. There's a new plan for the studio at the drill hall afoot which could be beneficial, fun, and see me working there a bit more soon as well... I will keep you posted. 

Here's the Tuesday Studio Video Visit if you missed it. A very general demystification of art exhibitions and galleries - and just a few things to think about. 

I will leave you with a reminder of the Abstractionistas Exhibition News: 

Awakenings, Detour Espresso, 
39 Argyle Place, Marchmont, Edinburgh until April 17th.
M-F 9-4pm and Sat-Sun 10-4pm 

Inception, Dalkeith Palace, 
Dalkeith Country Park
May 6-8 

Enjoy my video visits, photos, writing, and art? Support my work on ko-fi. 

Thanks! And as always, keep fighting!

Are you a Scottish Artist? Consider joining your union.
Are you a UK Artist? Here's a report on the working conditions of artists that you might be interested in reading.

Friday, April 1, 2022

The old ways don't work

My head is spinning from everything I have learned in the past 3 weeks with the Scottish Artists Union. I took a 12-hour course called, "Let's get organised! A 101 for Organising the Arts" The title doesn't do the course justice - there was so much more to it than that. It was deep and personal, it gave me a new framework to see my past, present, and future - and I am grateful.

I am not sure if I can even begin to express how I feel about it yet. It solidified a lot of ideas that have been kicking around in my head for decades and gave me the words to understand many of my beliefs on a new level. The additional resources provided during the course excited and overwhelmed me. I am eager to learn more and it also seems like I could never learn enough! 

I had been thinking of how I would miss the course when it concluded on Thursday. However, I am delighted that I was asked if I would be interested in participating in a pilot scheme for a Fair Work Representative development training course starting next week. "The training will cover the role of reps; an overview of Fair Work; Advocacy and Organising; and Equalities." I am really looking forward to this further training and what the future may hold for me within the union. 

Since the pandemic, thanks to more of the learning programs being offered online, I have been able to access some brilliant content provided by the SAU. It's not just about paying your dues and getting your liability insurance, the union offers so much more! I am really thankful. 

So, that's where I am coming from just now and you can rest assured there will be more specific and deeper insights shared in future posts. 

In other news, I wasn't out and about quite as much as the week before, but I was invited to a lovely home-cooked dinner with two good friends. We sat around a big wooden table enjoying our steaming bowls of noodles as we shared information, worries, and laughs, and for a couple of hours, I forgot about the pandemic. Magic! 

This week I went on a field trip with the Abstractionistas (Judith Shaylor and Susan Wilson) to the fabulous Dalkeith Palace to see the room we will be showing our work in for the Inception exhibition coming up in May. Besides this, the aforementioned union meetings punctuated the week, as well as an hour of mentoring a very talented artist. I had a few health-related tasks and appointments to take care of this week as well - reminding me again of the preciousness and value of Scotland's National Health Service. I will never take it for granted. 

So while I am not creating art currently, I am participating in the art world within a social action context, along with working with the Abstractionistas on our future exhibition, and mentoring a fellow artist as she explores her process and personal goals.

I have also enjoyed some sunshine, nature, and a bit of culture this week - two television shows, Severance and Station 11 both seem to tie in perfectly to what I am thinking about in regards to workers, work, capitalism and our ever-evolving world. 

The old ways don't work. 
It's time to dream and organise.