Friday, June 27, 2014

Inside to listen

There is a spiritual side to my life that has been missing.

The mysterious, artful way of seeing the world that needs nurturing, protecting and that will fade away if not cared for. It is this part that enables me to be an artist; to operate with childlike wonder and openness to receive the beauty of the dappled light on my table as I write. To see the flash of red from a bird against the green trees. To feel the wind as kisses blowing across my cheek and to hear the perfection of a bass line as it floats in the air from across the room on the stereo.

I must pay attention to these things, these beautiful moments. I must go inside and make time to notice, to feel and relish in them. That is why the armor must come off and the environment carefully chosen and why the computer must be shut down.

These are the moments that make me feel connected to everything that is bigger than me. Food can get you there, booze can get you there, love can get you there too but for me it is the act of turning my back on it all and going inside to listen, see and observe.This creates the space to see and feel deeply. This creates the space to make art and live a life less ordinary.

I have lived so many lives and this is the good one now. It's time to embrace it.