Friday, February 8, 2008

Inspiration Grab Bag.

Today is simple. I want to share a few of my favorite things. These things move me, inspire me, light a fire under me, and maybe some of them are just cool. Enjoy!

The Call Up by The Clash. This is a perfect song.This always gets me fired up.

Hal Hartley makes films that make me want to dance. They are nostalgic and theatrical.

Interpol- always inspires and sounds better and better...

Andy Warhol was never at the top of my list, but he is a fascinating character. I just recently watched PBS American Master's:Andy Warhol documentary, and it contains amazing footage. I feel like I finally understand him and find him even more intriguing and important.

I like this old grainy footage, I like to see artists, such as Pollock and others in the act of creation.

Alright, that is it. I told you today would be simple, and I hope you enjoyed the show...

One last thing, if you are local to Northwest Arkansas, please go check out the CRAFTING CONTENT exhibit.This is a juried show of contemporary clay artists from all over the country. According to a statement in the brochure by Jeannie Hulen, the mission of the Crafting Content:Ceramic Symposium is to "embrace the full potential of the ceramics medium and its pedagogy. The material is multifaceted; and the artists involved in shaping the future of ceramics, are crafting content with visual and conceptual eloquence." So, basically if you are a fan of conceptual art you will like this show, as the artists selected to participate are breaking the stereotypes normally associated with the ceramic and clay arts.The main galleries for the event are at the University of Arkansas Anne Kittrell Gallery and the U.A Fine Arts gallery, as well as the DDP gallery downtown. Benjamin Schulman, assistant professor of Art and Art History, from Drury University in Springfield Missouri curated the exhibit. I enjoyed the show, and highly recommend it. My personal favorite was the work of David East. Don't let this show pass you by.


  1. I love that interview with Andy Warhol. "um yes, um no, um yes, um no."

    The Clash have to be one of the single greatest punk bands to ever exist. Definitely awesome getting-work-done music. Joe Strummer looks so young!!

    Great blog this week!

  2. Always interesting and inspiring to see what inspires others, you have great and eclectic tastes.

    It is strange as well, that although you may not always like a certain type of art, you can always appreciate the artist and what they aspire to acheive.

    As for Pollock, his energy was amazing, it just flowed through him like electricity, his paintings always need to be seen in real life, up close, to really appreciate him.

    great post & thanks for sharing Megan.