Friday, May 9, 2008

Rainy Day? Say goodbye to boredom with Fun.

First, a quick status report on Evidence of the Disappearance. My studio is very empty now. The acoustics in my space are so different as the majority of the paintings were delivered to Hot Springs last weekend. Currently, I only have the two large diptychs, and two large horizontal paintings left in my space. I have been finishing up the last two paintings this week, and I am pleased with the way things are wrapping up. This next week I will be working on photographing the last of these works, finishing up with the titles, and working on publicity, and postcards. Not to mention a website and a MySpace overhaul right before the show. I do hope folks in and around Arkansas will try to attend my exhibition, the opening reception will be Friday June 6th from 5-9pm at the Blue Moon Gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Evidence of the Disappearance will be on display June through July. I am so proud of this body of work and can't wait to share it with you all, either in person or online.

With that said, I want to share some of the things I have been experiencing lately that push me forward and inspire me, or even just make me laugh. Things might get a little random here this week, but there are a lot of amazing things out there, and I hope these selections will inspire you too.

First of all YOU inspire me, yep you. If you share your ideas with me, or the things that inspire you, if you make me laugh, if you give me your time, if you are fighting to discover the answers in this life, or even if you are struggling, you are inspiring me. If you have shown me your human side, or your vulnerabilities; then you have given me a gift, and helped me feel less alone in this life, and that propels me forward. Thank you.

This week a dear friend of mine told me to get Portishead's latest album, "Third" and I did. I have been listening to it ever since. Listening while painting at 4 am, walking my dog, walking alone, while napping, while writing my blog. Fresh sounds, good textures. I really needed this.

Another friend, sent out a bulletin containing this Bat for Lashes video, and I fell in love with it's melancholy sweetness. Who wouldn't get excited by BMX bike riding "animals" clapping and doing tricks to the beat of this catchy song. I love the concept and atmosphere.

Another friend, (oh I have some good friends!) Sent out this Andy Warhol video the other day and it brought a smile to my face, and was simply a bit of light in this serious art world.It is only 8 seconds long, so I had to watch it again and again.

And yet another wonderful friend, sent me this Bjork video for the song Wanderlust. I had never seen this before. This is such a good example of the power created when music and art combine to produce something magical. This video is really astounding.

Well, that about does it for this weeks post, but I must leave you with this random oddity. The other day I got some junk mail, in fact every Wednesday I get this thing called Extra, a cheesy section from the newspaper that mostly is full of adds, and it always goes straight into the recycle bin. This week my copy arrived torn, with a chunk of it missing and I could really care less. But on Thursday, I received this in the mail...Click on it for a better look. And yes, that is the missing chunk...

Until next week friends, thank you as always for your support, encouragement and inspiration.

Pictured Above:
Unspoken Truths
Megan Chapman
20x16" mixed media on Canvas

Evidence of the Disappearance
June-July 2008
Blue Moon Gallery
Hot Springs, Arkansas


  1. that letter from the PO is just too much! I'm so glad you decided to blog about it :-). it was good seeing you last night!

  2. As always, thanks for sharing your influences and inspirations. I love how easy it is to transfer information. Hope to see you tonight.

    You can really see Matthew Barney all over that Bjork video, huh?

  3. Awesome!! :D
    Its nice to know you through cyberspace Megan, and its also nice to know that somehow we connect.
    Looking forward to seeing your new website and albums of your new work.
    Well done :)
    Debs x

  4. It's all coming together! all the hard work, the inspirations, the twilight hours, the oxides..
    It's gonna be glorious..

    ps, BMX bike riding animals are wrong and they scare me.

  5. I wish Sean had your postman.

  6. What a nice entry. You absolutely do have lot's of friends. How hard to box up! I wish I could attend your showing.... Your so far away. Good luck!

  7. Great entry Megan!

    YOU, yes YOU, inspire me!
    I have been listening to your myspace play list just about every other day and it has really helped me through a slump :) So thanks!

    And I love the bit about the Postal Service. Haha.

  8. You guys are just too good to me!!
    Even on the week where I feel I am "phoning" it in a bit you enjoy my posts. Thank you for reading them, for taking the time to comment, and for all your encouragement.
    I wish you all the same love and support you have given to me.

  9. What a great post here. First of all, that Portishead is a must have...glad to have discovered it here. Second, that Bat for Lashes song is one I've known a while, but never seen the video. Gives it new dimension and renews my love of the song! Next, Andy....hilarious! and finally, that darn post office...such random generosity. I got something like that not too long ago as well. Then ya go to the PO and get cranky people helping ya. Nothing like those letter writers, giving you back your page scrap. Sheesh!

  10. Thanks for sharing your art work with me. I enjoy reading your blogs every week. Wishing you a great weekend.
    Your friend