Friday, September 4, 2009

4 a.m. and I was there...

After last week's blog I was inspired to attempt to work in my studio, early in the morning just like the old days. I am very happy to report that I did and it was great! It was a cool, dark morning as I drove through the sleepy town streets and then entered the massive old bank building that houses my studio at the Fayetteville Underground. I thought I might get creeped out being in such a large space alone, but I really wasn't. I made some tea, turned up my music loud, shut the door and I was off. I was so happy, I was jumping up and down in victory, singing and having fun. I started two new paintings that I am pleased with and took pictures of my studio again (see slide show above). I don't know how many pictures I now have of my studio. I guess it is a sort of proof that it exists and of course a record for the future. Sometimes it feels like a set and I just go there to play artist, but then when I look around at all the paintings and look at my blocks project on the table and everything else I am working on that is art related, I know I am not playing anything. This is my life and I am fully engaged in being an artist. I have proof all around me and in photographs, for when I lose my way, and I will lose my way...

Did I ever get back to my studio at 3 or 4am the rest of the week? No, I did not. Did I work on the paintings I had started that wonderful morning? No, I did not. Did I get angry and down on myself? Yes, I did. But I am still celebrating the day I worked and the day I triumphed at 4a.m.

Everyday we paint is a victory. Everyday that we dream, think, read, and write about art creates the important background noise that make those victories possible and they count just the same.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the new works in progress.
Thanks for reading my blog, for commenting, for thinking and dreaming with me. Onwards and upwards...

PS. Last night was First Thursday art walk on the Fayetteville Square from 5-8pm. I just want to say it was another wonderful event; what my town has done in a few short months to create a cohesive and powerful art scene is nothing short of amazing and inspires me no end. I enjoyed talking with all the folks that came to the Underground as well as walked through my studio. Thank you to ddp gallery, The Fayetteville Underground, Mayor Lioneld Jordan and the city of Fayetteville for making this all come together. Thanks to all the wonderful patrons of the arts that come to enjoy, encourage, and support the artists working in the community. We are grateful.


  1. Two Saturdays ago I went down to the Square at
    6am. I wanted to see and photograph all that went on so that the Farmers Market could open all ready to go at 7am. It was also "a cool dark morning with sleepy streets." The vendors set up mostly in silence, well-practiced, hushed. It's a beautiful time of day down there. Not quite Megan's 4am, but still peaceful. Try it sometime.

  2. It's good that your worry over "just playing" artist did not last long -- personal experience has caused me to think perhaps everyone wonders the same thing at one time or another. However, the one thing that I've never, ever been uncertain about is my ability to spot the real thing when I see it and you are that.

  3. love the new "red" image just above...somewhat "landscape-esque". very deep, rich, and sumptuous. quite delictable. the tiny bits of what appears to be a turquoise blue right at the "horizon line" is gorgeous....and the circular, deepest, richest red right in the "valley" and "reflected" below....VERY NICE!!!


  4. It was lovely meeting you last night. I truly love your work. Your blog is pretty fantastic as well. I appreciate that you are so vulnerable about process. You are brave to let us peek into your private morning times. Thank you.


  5. Whoohoo! I have never painted that early in the morning, but I commend you! Sometimes I feel like I play artist too. It's always funny to me when my friends refer to me as being an artist. It always makes me stop and think about it for a minute...but it's true! We are artists! We are capable of making beautiful art, that not everyone can make. That's a wonderful thing.

  6. Congrats on making it to the studio in the small hours - even if it was just once. You did it and you now have trod the path of that new experience. You will do it again because underneath is pulls you.... and as it was suce a great time you will find it hard to resist :)

    The "artist" identity - its a strange thing calling oneself an artist. You have blogged on this before and I printed it out for Sarah (my apprentice) as it was a useful article :)

    I am getting used to the identity, but I still feel like I'm playing at it - and its comforting to know that established artists like yourself and Michelle Maule feel the same :)

    The new work looks FAB. I agree with Dogboy - there is a landscape in there. I would see that anyway because thats what I paint, but the mood in your work in progress is already buzzing.

    I also spotted my little painting in your photos - its calling me! (*patience my little one...soon you will be home*)

    >>oo sounds like a good title...Soon You Will Be Home...??

    Anyway - keep at it sister - you are vibrant, inspiring, warming and encouraging to all us artists reading your blogs...♥

  7. wow that is early, I am a night owl when it comes to painting.

    I loved seeing the slide show, such inspiring photos.

    and thanks so much for the birthday wishes...

  8. The games we play, it is what we do.. it is also the title of my favourite paintings that I own, coincidentaly by Megan Chapman.

    I have been playing artist for many years, I have also been playing 'office supervisor'..

    I think it is all a game.

    It's how much fun you have playing it.