Friday, October 9, 2009

Let the rains come...

Last night the tornado sirens went off for a long time while I was in my basement studio of the Underground and I was not worried. I listened to the thunder, lightning, and sideways rain.

I had spent the day driving a sharp pencil line through the heavy pulp of paper and paint. Just making dark scratches and hard edged lines while painting over them again and again. I could not get the pencil lead black enough or get the lines to make any sense. I will probably make more lines today- a guttural gesture across the paper, over and over again. This is the only thing that feels good right now.

music by Fever Ray, the song is entitled, "now's the only time I know."
all photographs ©2009 Megan Chapman

Thank you.


  1. From such extremes great art comes. Let it loose.

  2. No surprise that I loved the orange corn/grass field the best....

    Make your marks...leads to greater marks!

  3. My days been so crazy I just checked this out, no words, <3

  4. Thank you all for checking in here with me.
    Thanks Heather for the song. : )

  5. drag the lead, blacker than the chambers of a dead nun's heart through that thick encrusted wasteland...
    I can't wait.