Saturday, November 7, 2009

When you buy my art...

When you even consider buying my art; when you study it in the light.
When you move it around and touch it and think about it on the walls of your home.
When the colors make you remember things you have forgotten.
When the titles entice you, when you smile, hug me and get excited when we talk of the final transaction.

I come alive. I have hope again.

When you discover my work for the very first time and tell me it reminds you of things you were thinking about earlier, of the visions in your head.
When you can't even wait for it to be finished, it is perfect as it is.
When you have been studying my work for years and are happy to finally talk with me.
When we talk easily like old friends and you can see the music in my paintings and you understand me and make the connections.

It is more than color, texture, form, words, paint, canvas, or photographs.

I come alive. I have hope again.
When you buy my art or even consider it...

glorious © 2009
Megan Chapman


  1. Beautiful :))

    Someone said to me yesterday that my work reminded them of me. She used words that described the painting, which also described me. That made me feel alive and hopeful.

    I think this is true of you.
    Keep being special :)

  2. This is very beautiful. I love the image and I love looking at your art.

  3. Megan, this is absolutely stunning!!!

  4. i think thats my favorite painting of yours.

  5. Thanks all..

    This is a photograph of the dawn from my window.