Friday, June 25, 2010

A place to drown...

© 2010 institute du loop

So... I worked this week. I actually managed to paint! Nothing amazing or earth shattering, but there were marks made, there were grounds laid, there were things to explore, paint dripping, water splattering and hitting the floor.

If you have been reading my blog lately, you know I have been stuck on three new works in progress for the past several weeks. However, I do have my reasons for not painting that much this month...

I am excited to share that I have been working hard to bring something to the Fayetteville Underground from Taipei Taiwan. I have been working closely with the artist of the institute du loop over many months to bring their premier international exhibition to the light of day. This has been thrilling, exasperating, surprising, funny and hard work. The institute du loop's A Place to Drown will debut on Thursday July 1st at the Hive Gallery in the Fayetteville Underground, in Fayetteville, Arkansas as part of our monthly first Thursday art events from 5-8pm. So, while I have been a bit creatively blocked with my own paintings, I have been busy curating this exciting and challenging international exhibition. I am hesitant to use the word curating, as I am an artist by trade, but I can't think of a better word. If you are a curator please don't send me hate mail.

There have been countless emails, chats, diagrams, photographs, writings, ideas, and questions sent back and forth from Taipei to Fayetteville and vice-versa in preparation for this exhibition. It has been a very interesting experience to work with another artist in such a way. This is clear evidence of how our world has changed, how much technology allows such amazing and inspiring things to happen. I received the exhibition via Fed Ex on two thumb drives with a Chinese stamp in order to sign the work. I will receive the artist composed soundtrack for the exhibition electronically as well. I will be reimbursed for my printing and other in house supplies via paypal by the artist and then when work sells the artist will be paid that way in return. It is just so wonderful that all of this technology can be used in such a creative way. I am especially proud to be able to bring this emotional and wonderful body of photographic works and music to our community. I am also humbled by the trust given to me by the artist.

Press Release:
Institute du Loop will present its premier international exhibition, A Place to Drown, in the Hive Gallery within the Fayetteville Underground during the month of July. This exhibition, curated by artist Megan Chapman, comes to the Fayetteville Underground from Taipei, Taiwan. The Institute du Loop is the brain child of English born visual and sound artist, "Mr. Loop." Mr. Loop has lived in Taipei for two years, and this body of work reflects his sense of being lost in the city, drowning in emotions, submerged and dreaming on the strange island he now calls home.

The photographic works presented capture what the artist's eye misses, he is using his camera to “see” what he cannot. The camera gives the artist a chance to lose himself in fleeting moments again and again. Mr. Loop sees his work as a form of emotional documentation: through these images he is finding his eyes and his heart. The Institute du Loop's exhibition presents the viewer with an archive of images, words, and sounds, or as the title suggests,
A Place to Drown.

Latest tracks by institute

"now I feel like an individual, like myself. My heart is feeling and my brain is thinking and I am dreaming with my eyes wide open..." -institute du loop

I am ready to drown. Are you?

Thanks for stopping by, more about the exhibition next week.

The exhibition will remain up through July 31st.
The Fayetteville Underground
Basement of One East Square Plaza
East side of the Historic Fayetteville Square.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Gallery Hours W-F 12-7pm
Saturday 10-5pm
4 galleries: Open Studios


  1. Wow - how exciting!
    Thats a wonderful project to be involved in - you are a lady of many talents!
    Good luck with the show. x

  2. I am drowning already in this,

    I cannot wait to hear more (& it 'sounds'

    I look forward to seeing to pictures.. ;)