Friday, March 29, 2013

Rambling on my mind...(it's spring somewhere)

My new little office space
Yesterday marked the second week of my being here in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today makes it day 15. Time is flying and yet settling in nicely, not too fast or two slow.

Last Saturday, I spent the day in Haddington, Scotland with two friends. It was lovely to get away from the city and enjoy lunch in a gallery cafe. The scenic road trip (getting lost) on the way home was fun too! Later that night I went to a family wedding reception in Leith. I found a five pound note on the ground as we walked there- so that was handy as I later bought myself a pint of Caledonia's Best during the festivities.

On Sunday, I took the day easy and did some family research in preparation for Monday's visit to the Register House with Stewart's mom Pat. It was a good day of research in a beautiful space. I continued my research once I got home as well, as genealogy can be very addictive.

On Wednesday, we walked to the Botanical Gardens for a little fresh air, bird call, and glass house love. I really enjoy it there and the walk to and from was beautiful as well. I think the glass houses could be one of my favorite things. On the home front I created my own little office space in the backroom overlooking the garden. It makes a big difference to have my own small space to read, write and process photos. Creating new spaces or making a new space out of the familiar is always a satisfying experience.

Thursday, I met the lovely Ever Dundas for coffee at a sweet little book shop and we talked non stop for 2 hours. It feels really great to be venturing out more and navigating the city on my own and seeing friends and creating relationships. This is something that I really wanted to do last time but wasn't quite ready for as I was still getting used to things.

Today I ventured out for a bit in the neighborhood and found a great decaf soy latte at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall which is practically right behind the flat. Later in the day we headed out to the High street in the sun. I just wanted to walk around the tourists for a bit and up to the castle. I do love that part of town even with its masses and tourist tat. I picked up 80 postcards and will soon be writing them and mailing them to all my lovely supporters who helped get me here.

It is amazing at times when I find myself far from Stewart's flat, alone in the bustling city walking to meet a friend or stopping on a bridge to take a photograph or just realizing that I am in fact in Scotland. I never thought this could ever be my life. I mean we are talking about someone who was afraid to drive a couple of miles to the Northwest Arkansas Mall and go shopping alone just a few years ago...

The adventure continues...and soon there will be art!


  1. This post is so joyous! Thanks for sharing all the news. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  2. Wow, congrats for excuting the normal ... Really?