Friday, June 28, 2013

Hey ho, Let's go!

Letters and Etsy orders prepare to fly

Hello Dear Readers,

Let's see... what happened this week? Well, I know one thing, it went by too fast! These days need to get a little slower because I still have plenty I want to do and see here.

The art market on Saturday was great for meeting other artists and making connections and just spending the day in the drill hall and chatting with nice people. It didn't yield me any sales but that is sometimes besides the point. However, later I was rewarded with a spate of sales on Etsy and friend requests on Twitter and Facebook. That is how this business works. Exhausted from the experience, we watched the film, Oz the great and powerful and really enjoyed it. I am only mentioning the film because I think some of my readers would also enjoy it.

Speaking of films, on Sunday, we went and saw a film "Constructors." It is showing as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. A bit like if Jim Jarmusch met Alex Cox in Kazakhstan and made a film. Great black and white atmospheric tale with little dialogue and with great musical interludes. Check it out if you like either of the directors I just mentioned.

As Monday approached I started the week off with an ambitious to do list and was able to focus and get a lot done which is always a good thing. This week there was a lot of time spent thinking about envelopes, stationary, postage, millimeters and just the nuts and bolts of the business.

This week I also got the sad news that my cat Evie was dying and then the final news that she had died on Wednesday morning. I dealt with it by working in my studio and turning towards my work. I looked at photographs of her (and even slept with one under my pillow the night she was dying) and I thought of her and I tried to be part of the process as much as I could from 4,000 miles away. I will miss her. 19 years is a long time to have a pet.

As, I mentioned I did turn to my work and had a good day in the studio finishing up 10 new 5x7" Atlas pieces for my Etsy shop and 98% finished 10 small works that will be patron rewards for folks who donated to my project. I only have 12 more small works to paint for the patrons and then all the perks for the project will be completed. I am so grateful for everyone's support in this process. For me to feel part of something bigger and have a community behind me that believe in what I do and want to be part of it all is the greatest gift.

On Thursday, I met a friend and we went to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the Annie Lennox exhibition. It was a good show and a great chat with my friend in the cafe. I am so lucky to know the people I do here, a lovely bunch of artists, writers, photographers, just fascinating and inspiring people.

Today was again focused on patron gifts and getting all the letters and photos organized and mailed off. I also packed and shipped all my recent Etsy orders. It was a busy full tilt day and the end to a productive week.

On Monday I head to the Highlands to Campbell country for a day trip. I can't wait. I better clear the memory card on my camera and make sure all my batteries are charged. I am going to take photographs galore.

Thanks for tuning in this week. I am glad you are on my team. Until next week, keep fighting.

Enjoy my newly restocked Etsy shop and don't forget to use coupon code Thanks10 for 10% off anything in my shop.



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