Friday, October 25, 2013

Family visits, art museums and graves...

You know I am always good for it. Sorry if you missed this post but it is better late than never and all that sort of stuff. My brother Sean came to Atlanta for a visit so I got busy. We toured some family graves with a little road trip about an hour away, to Cartersville, Georgia. Had too many great meals out, saw a lot of amazing art at the beautiful High Museum and generally had a good time. I also got my lovely Autoharp tuned and learned some songs. I am pretty delighted with it. I promoted my art and thought of some art I want to create this winter. I thought about the future and worried about it all as well. That's all I have got for you this week- but there are photos.... 

This is my great great Grandad's brother and his wife. 

This is their child

This is the high museum

This is me and my brother Ben and Sean

This is one of the best gifts ever, my lovely Autoharp from Stewart.

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