Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making it happen...

A photo of the top of one of my blank books

Underneath the orange line in the photo above is a list of things I have done the past few days for my art career. They include among other things a long string of emails sent out to venues, publications, assorted online places, local haunts and to movers and shakers. Because as you see it says "making it happen in 2014" and "it" isn't going to happen unless I put in the work. So that is what I am doing and as soon as I started the process, "things" started happening...

I am so pleased to report that my painting, "Pocket full of live wires" from my 2010 series, Falling into Sound will be published alongside a poem written by New Hampshire's state poet laureate Alice B. Fogel entitled "Full of Life." Ms. Fogel's poem was written in response to my painting and will be published in the journal "LETTERS" produced by students from Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School. I am grateful to Alice B. Fogel for being inspired by my work so that we can share this publication together.

After receiving that great news, I was contacted again by the editor of the journal and asked if I would be interested in having two of my Ghosts of the past series of works published as well. Well, yes please! I would be delighted! 

This is another reminder of how much I love being part of an artistic community and of the collaborations that occur within. If poet Alice B. Fogel hadn't found my work and been inspired by it and then submitted her work to the journal, my work might never have been seen by them and published alongside hers nor would these other works be picked up for publication as well. The connections made through the art world are priceless and also help me feel part of something bigger than myself and that is always a good thing.

There are other irons in the fire right now as well (because of the list you can't see under that orange line) and I am looking forward to telling you all about them as soon as I know more.

What are you making happen in 2014? Are you going to live your dreams or your fears?

Choose dreams and join me for the ride. We can do anything we put our minds to. I am sure of it.

Until next week, keep fighting.



PS. If you see Stewart Bremner in Scotland give him a hug for me, he left yesterday to go back home and I miss him terribly.

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