Friday, September 2, 2016

Something is coming

detail from large painting

There is a place deep within where the good stuff comes from. If I close my eyes and listen to just the right piece of music I can catch a glimpse of this place in my center. It's an open space. This space tells me something is coming. Something big and good. I just need to wait a little longer and keep working on my foundation in the meantime. 

I have been busy trying new things, dreaming up new strategies, listening to experts and taking notes. I have been slowly implementing changes here and there as I go. I am growing roots and reaching out to opportunity. I am grateful for these experts and people in the field that reach out and offer me understanding and inspiration.

I had a lovely studio visit this week from artist and designer, Jenni Douglas and her partner, playwright, Duncan Kidd. It was wonderful to have them in my space even just for a few minutes. To see it through their eyes was a gift.

The latest series is slowly but surely coming along, it's really playing hard to get so I know it will be worth all the hassle when it is finished. These paintings are some of my greatest teachers. 

Until next week, keep fighting and support the arts!

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