Friday, May 14, 2021

Are the vitamins working?

Sissy felt sure the vitamins were working. 

Megan on the other hand wasn't. 

This week went by in a flash! I can't believe it is has been a week already since my first vaccination. I don't know what I did this week except for thankfully go to a lovely yoga nidra/meditation session, go to a meeting of the Abstractionistas collective, go to a volunteer meeting, take care of my mental health, take a couple of tiny walks, celebrate mother's day, keep in touch with my pals to talk about art, life, and everything in between- sending lots of love to one friend, in particular, going through a tough time. And I made time to draw Sissy and I sold a couple of prints! Oh and I sold a box of old books (as one does to stay afloat). 

I like Sissy's mouth.

How was your week? Are the vitamins working? 

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