Friday, March 28, 2008

Gathering the Evidence: A Visual Experience

Wow, well you have done it again! The response was tremendous to last week's blog post. I am honored that you spend a little of your precious time here with me at my studio blog. It makes me happy to know that you take comfort or find inspiration in my writings, and rest assured that I take comfort and find inspiration in your thoughtful comments. We are all navigating this art world together.

This month's recipient of the small paper painting pictured in this post is artist Michele Maule! Congratulations! Please email me (you can find my email in my profile section of this blog) or MySpace message me so I can get your postal information.

For the locals that read this blog, I must mention the exciting new exhibition that just opened at the DDP gallery in Fayetteville. Don't miss "In the Round," Sculpture by Michael Davis Gutierrez and Paintings by Duane Gardner. The show will be up from March 26-May 10th. I was at the opening last night and the red dots ( sold stickers) were going up fast. So, don't miss your opportunity to see and perhaps purchase Michael's amazing sculptures and Duane's colorful and process based abstractions. Also, while you are at the DDP gallery, don't hesitate to ask gallerist Dede Peters to see the art she has in the back room. She represents a dozen or so artists, and has a wonderful selection of works in stock and for sale at all times. I can't wait to bring my new Duane Gardner painting home! Support your scene...

Last week, you saw the map and you sensed the reality of my preparing for a featured exhibition. I have been following my "map" and working my odd hours in middle of the night in ongoing preparation for "Evidence of the Disappearance" to debut in June and July at the Blue Moon Gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am happy to report that the work is going well. Instead of writing about it all, and filling your head with more words, I just want you to experience a little of it. I still have a lot of work a head of me; but progress is being made, paintings are unfolding and I am excited.

Enjoy this sneak peek and simply "disappear."


  1. Good Grief I'm the first to comment again - I reckon its cos its 10.30 am here and most of you across the pond are sensibly either still asleep (unlike Megan) or at work...
    Anyway - I love your studio Megan - makes me want to work in it! Another question if you don't mind - what do you do with the sides of your canvas? I continue the painting round the edges myself cos I can't bear the mess I make on my edges!!
    Best wishes for those exhibiting - wish I could come and see it - it sounds really interesting.
    Best wishes Megan for all your hard work at preparing for yours - from the sneak peak, its all looking awesome. xx

  2. Thankyou Megan for the lovely invitation to have a peek around your wonderful studio.

    It is great to see all your tubs of paint & painting implements.

    All your paintings look beautiful with their differing colours and hues & designs, but with a strong sense of theme running through them.

    They will all look wonderful when hung, lit & displayed as one.

    I also love the staircase leading up to your attic studio (Thornfield Hall?!)
    which adds to the romantic ideal of the artist locked away from the world; painting away.

    Beautiful video & post.

    You are a true inspiration.

  3. Megan - the piece that you linger on, around marker 1:30"...want to see that one in person.


  4. Maybe Craig is talking about the one with white - what I'm calling "kite tails"? The white helps the push and pull feeling - brings up feelings of floating, escaping. But also grounding, home, underwater.

    Don't worry, I'm CONFIDENT that you will work with Interpol one day.


    ps THX for the comment on the opening - there was indeed some red dot panic going on! And folks are really starting to understand the "back room" - where I keep all my available art by my "stable" of fantastic artists!

  5. Yay!!!

    Wow! So much good news today!
    Thanks Megan :)

  6. good luck on your upcoming exhibit!

    your an inspiration:).... you truly are a remarkable women

  7. yesss - to all your new work, to the view inside your studio. Just yes!

  8. Great work, I love your paintings, I will be back to check this blog more. Also I love Interpol, the video was great!

  9. Well good grief! Why did it take me so long to finally view your film? I have to say, your art studio rocks.
    I also love the "kite strings" painting that lingers around 1:30.

    Yes, that back room stock is good to know about. What was the name of the artist you mentioned - he'd had his pieces up in one of those NYC windows?

  10. Oh, and I loved the last part of the film too, where you walk down the steps to the closed door, the door that takes you out (or in?) to the other side, another world almost. But yet, we are not to know, what lies on the other side, it is left to our imagination, as the film fades out.


  11. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    That was my first little film so it was a bit rough around the edges, but the response has been great.Also,for those curious, the painting that folks are talking about (1.30) is called "These are not my secrets."

    Thank you all for your love and support; you fill my heart.