Friday, June 6, 2008

Evidence of the Disappearance: TONIGHT!

Dear Readers, Family, and Friends-
Thank you for everything.



Evidence of the Disappearance
New paintings by Megan Chapman
Blue Moon Gallery
718 Central Ave.
Hot Springs, Arkansas
June-July 2008
Opening tonight!
June 6th 5-9pm


  1. Congratulations on your first vlog. It was wonderful to listen to you.

  2. Congratulations Megan - you are a star! Thanks for all the thanking! We are right behind you and wish you all the best for tonight and the rest of June and July.
    So nice to see you talking to us - very nicely done :)
    "Captains Log Supplemental.."
    Now people will be jumping on your ideas and leaving vlogs for themselves....I may even make one myself! Yay!!!
    Your friend across the pond on a rock cake... :D

  3. your absolutely spot on, there is no substitute for seeing the paintings in the flesh, all those textures the camera misses and cannot capture, the movement of light across the surface, the smell of oil paint and varnish that never seems to evaporate however old..
    tonight will be wonderful, enjoy every second and absorb all the energy around you..
    I shall raise my glass to you tonight Megan.

  4. um hmm

    I get the subtle suggestion from watching this and our previous phone conversation. Deadline for new ddp website relaunch is July 1.

    Love the birdsong in the background.

    ROCK it tonight!


  5. I was also going to comment on the bird sounds in the background!

    Nicely done - I think it's brave to put yourself out there in a vlog. Wish I could see the show.

  6. Yay Megan!

    Great vblog!
    How cool. It is pretty amazing how the internet has allowed artists to put themselves out there. I love the sense of community that it has brought to my life and my work too.

    I hope you had an awesome opening last night!

  7. I guess thanking you all again would be a bit redundant... : )
    The opening was great! I will try to post pix from it next week!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the birdsong!!
    Love- Megan

  8. www.artistinterviewingartist.comJune 8, 2008 at 10:10 AM

    congrats megan its nice to put a voice to your pics and work best Tim lane

  9. This is a great medium, isn't it!?
    I'm so happy the opening went well, it would have been great to be there. I agree completely - seeing paintings in real life is a more complete experience.

    Hope you sell them all!!

  10. Megan! What a lovely and heartfelt vlog. I wish you the very very best and much success. I really wish I was closer in distance, I would love to see (and smell) the work in person. I think you have done a fantastic job on this vlog and bravo for utilizing technology to the fullest! xxxx Maralena

  11. Hello again everybody!

    I am so glad you all enjoyed the vlog. It was a bit awkward talking to my imac, but I really needed to talk to you, so I just focussed on that!

    Five paintings have sold so far from the EOTD!!! I will keep you all posted.. Thanks again for your comments and support.
    Tomorrow- a new blog! (where did the week go???)

  12. As I've already told you, you are so natural and at ease in front of this video not like me, (I imagine, since I don't intend to test it out!) and love what you say about the whole process of digital networking and reaching out and how it might affect your/our art. :)

  13. Megan, I'm here writing you from other space...what you said help everybody think and keep on working hard when you have a deep engaged with your work and art. Congratulations!!!