Friday, October 3, 2008

May our worlds collide...

The world is full of people working in their own circles, with their heads down doing their own thing. Some of these circles are small and some are larger. Sometimes while the small circles are spinning around they bump up against the larger ones, and then both circles become bigger as they overlap and pick up new people.

Today's post is about these circles and the connections that are being created that we have no idea about until, BAM! Our worlds collide and we don't know what hit us; but we do know we are now a part of something bigger and it feels good. What am I talking about?

Here's the deal, somehow last year, my website got passed on to a person in California by the name of Will Boyd. A friend of Will's thought he would like my work, which he did. Will liked my paintings so much, he even printed some up to put around his desk, they made him feel better.

My little circle was spinning oblivious and I was not aware I had this new fan in California. However, Will works with an organization that I was familiar with called Invisible Children. I had recently seen a screening of the film, and was terribly moved, so we had that connection, but that was about it. Larger circles connected the dots between us and I soon learned he was very inspired by my work and unfortunately that he was also very sick. The only thing I knew I could do, was to paint him a painting and mail it to him as soon as possible. The painting came together amazingly fast- it practically painted itself! While painting the piece, I had been emailing with Will and on the sly figured out what colors he liked, and which pieces of mine he responded to, I wanted the painting to be just right and really "click" just for him. I was so happy to have this secret project, it was incredibly exciting for me- it felt like Christmas! I will always remember the email I got from Will the day he mysteriously received the painting. I smile today, just thinking about it. Magic!

I believe there is a type of magic in this world, when people who don't know each other are suddenly connected through art, music, films, books- through so many things. Will is a good friend now- over the months we have traded video clips, short emails and facebook wall posts when he feels well enough. I am fortunate to know him, and proud to be a part of a very large circle of his friends from all over the world.

Unfortunately my friend Will's health is in crisis again and this time it appears to be even more serious, and this makes me very sad. Rather than just be sad, I want to share a little about his situation and how I plan to use my art to help him in a small way.

During the entire month of October, I will be donating 20% of all my Etsy sales to my friend Will Boyd who is dealing with a major health crisis with little funds and maxed out health insurance. That means every time you purchase a $25.00 painting, I will donate $5.00 and every time you purchase a $40.00 painting, I will donate $8.00 to my friend's health care fund.

Will has been critically ill with Lupus since he was 18. He contracted pneumonia during this time as well and the doctors consequently directed most of their attention to his lungs. However, they failed to notice the amount of trauma to his heart due to the Lupus. The latest biopsy tests show that his heart is in such a weakened state that it would not be able to be revived if he has a massive heart attack. Doctor's are unsure how to treat his condition and at this time under the advice of his nutritionist he is refusing treatment, until they can figure out some type of treatment plan.

Will has already racked up over $50,000 in medical debts and unfortunately he has maxed out his insurance and can't get any more because he has pre-existing conditions (Lupus).

Thank you for helping me to help my friend Will Boyd.
I do hope all our circles expand and our worlds collide.

New paintings are posted in my shop and I will continue to post more as the month progresses and as things sell! Enjoy.

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Favorite Way to Speak ($25)
Wired Communications ($25)
Megan Chapman
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  1. You are an amazing and compassionate person Megan. I hope your quest to make a difference is successful - I myself will be making a difference by visiting your etsy shop today to choose a piece.
    God Bless You.
    Debs x

  2. moving post

    inspiring i have a painting i would like to donate please contact me megan

    thank you

  3. Naysayers can say what they want, but I will always believe: ART IS USEFUL.

    This story is just one example of how art can make a difference, how art is alive, and how art can speak to the heart and soul.

  4. We can make a difference one person at a time...Megan if you have any interest in doing some type of auction let me know I'm in...


  5. Thank you everyone for reading and thinking of Will and helping in the ways you already have.

    Debs- thanks for your etsy purchase, 7 of my paper painting have sold since I started this on October 2nd.
    Tim- thanks for your generous donation of a painting (which sold today on a bulletin over at myspace) and then planning to donate the proceeds to Will. Our mutual myspace friend Istvan in Hungary bought the painting! Such a wonderful circle and getting bigger and bigger!!

    If you are an artist and want to help, feel free to have a special sale, donate a portion of the proceeds, whatever you want (comfortably) to do. I didn't ask for that because I know artists always get asked for donations and many of us are barely getting by. But the offers (thanks Beth and Debs) have come in and I am so thankful and I know Will thanks you too. I have information on how you can make a donation via paypal if you all want that please email me.
    thanks again!

  6. Hi Megan,
    Your post really inspired me to make a small difference and I did a link to you in on my blog and plan to donate 30% of the sales price for "Heart of Gold" in my etsy shop. I wish you all th best in your efforts and look forward to reading your posts each week!


  7. Dear Friends,

    I received new information from Will's fiance.

    He is not being denied treatment, he just has no insurance(maxed out) and lots of medical bills and the Doctors don't know the best way to treat him right now so Will and his fiance are refusing treatment currently on the advice from the nutritionist. I just wanted to make sure we all had the facts.

    I have since edited my blog and removed the sentence about
    denial of treatment. I am sorry I was given slightly incorrect information and then passed it on to you all. If you wrote a blog post, or sent out a myspace bulletin using that information please edit that sentence out or if this changes anything for you in your fund raising efforts or your support of mine, I understand.

    Thanks again for everything- Megan