Friday, October 24, 2008

Songs about Painters and Painting

Talking Heads- Artists Only

I'm painting, I'm painting again.
I'm painting, I'm painting again.
I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning again.
I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning my brain.

Pretty soon now, I will be bitter.
Pretty soon now, Will be a quitter.
Pretty soon now, I will be bitter.
You can't see it 'til it's finished

I don't have to prove...that I am creative!
I don't have to prove...that I am creative!
All my pictures are confused
And now I'm going to take me to you.

Please visit to learn more about
my works on canvas and the galleries that represent me.
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  1. ahh love david bowie

    i just saw a documentary about creativity and bowie
    said when your an artist and your feet are just barley touching the bottom of the river is when an artist does his best i dont know how but ive never heard andy warhol by davis bowie

    check out this link and thn click on the story of an artist its one of my

    fun post

  2. ahh theres another artist doing it on your play list my bad was he the first to sing it ?

  3. Daniel Jonston, yeah, and all his devils, a true genius, you have got to see him play live to truly appreciate how focused his is when he sings and plays.

    Where is 'It's all over now baby blue?' original Dylan, covered (more famously) by 'Them' and used in biopic 'Basquait'..

    ..and whilst we are on the subject.. 'run paint run..'
    by the Captain?? .. come on, you surely can't miss this gem..

    10 out of 10 for including 'Modern Lovers', which, was covered by your following David Bowie.. was that intentional?

  4. I guess you've already got Pablo Picasso by the Modern Lovers but Jonathan Richman also did "Vincent Van Gogh" that I love too...

    This is a great idea! I'm such a sucker for thematic playlists.

  5. Hey Guys..
    Tim, really you have never heard Andy Warhol by David Bowie? Wow... Glad you have heard it now.
    M. Ward is covering Daniel Johnston's "story of an artist" I know you guys love Daniel, but I prefer the M. Ward version of that song.
    Supervisor- I added "Its all over now baby blue" - that is a classic and great song.Thanks for reminding me of it, and alas this play list gadget does not have that Captain Beefheart song available...:(
    Glad you both enjoyed the post. I have to say, there are many more songs about painting and painters, but I wanted them to also fit into my taste and click well together so you will not find "Vincent" by Don Mclean here...
    Keep the painting songs coming, and if I like them and mostly if I can find them they will be put on the list...( this play list application has a pretty limited selection)
    For those of you wondering why the song Santa Maria by The Frames is on the list, it is because it is about the painter Egon Schiele and his wife's last days, dying of the Spanish flu.
    And thanks Alannah for your input..
    I am sad to say again that the playlist application I am using doesn't have Vincent Van Gogh by the Modern Lovers.. : (
    But for those curious folks into copy and paste here is the url for a video that features the song
    Keep the painters & painting song titles coming and we will try to crack the limitations of playlist...I just added (I wanna live on an) Abstract Plain by Frank Black

  6. Oh! I can't think of any...I might have to get to you on this one.
    Love the theme!

  7. Art Attack by Rosalita (local-doing-very-well band from Ipswich) See