Friday, January 29, 2010

Because it is snowing

A preview...

a pocket full of live wires
©2010 Megan Chapman

the notes we will never sing
© 2010 Megan Chapman

I dream of tornadoes...
© 2010 Megan Chapman

You can click on the images to view them larger...


  1. Oh Megan! I absolutely love these new paintings! I've been thinking about contacting you just to chat art if you're up to it.

  2. Thanks Anonymous!!

    I really appreciate it..
    I don't know who you are(since you are anonymous) but I might like to chat art depending on that fact.. : )

    Thanks again!!

  3. I like these a lot -- my favorite (at the moment) is "I dream of tornadoes..." --sj

  4. Thank you SJ.
    How is your white series coming?

  5. wow megan I just love these!!! I think my favorite would have to bea pocket full of live wires... they are just amazing.

  6. Thank you Katherine!!
    We will see where it all goes...
    I am snowed out of my studio for now
    but there is plenty of White all around.

  7. Lovely. Lovely. My favorite of the group is "a pocket full of live wires" The texture intrigues me, and in the photo no less. Can't wait to see them live.

  8. Thanks Sandy.
    "a pocket full of live wires" is my favorite too, it was the first in the series.
    I love the bits of red peeking through.

    I hope you can see them "live" one day soon.
    I need to find another gallery in Little Rock...

    This series is stunning - can't wait to see more.
    Really refreshing and emotive.
    Debs x

  10. Thanks Debs...
    I hope it is only the beginning..

  11. These are beautiful Megan. I love the title of the second one. Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. Thank you Imp!!
    I like the title of the second one too,
    you can see those words rising up the left side of the painting.

    I am looking forward to painting more!!

  13. I absolutely love "a pocket full of live wires", while they're all great, that one resonates with me the most - there's so much to explore in one image, so many beautifully intricate details and shapes.

    Brilliant Megan. Brilliant.

  14. Thank you very much MrK...
    That one seems to resonate the most with many, including myself- it is a little more involved...
    like I have said above- I am excited to get back to work on some new ones, as soon as the snow melts away.. perhaps tomorrow..

    By the way MrK it looks like you are going to be a blogger soon as well? I hope so, I would really look forward to your posts.

  15. Hi Megan,
    Sorry about being anonymous. I am no longer anonymous. ;) Would love to talk art if you're up for it.

  16. Loving the new work. How exciting!

  17. Hey Megan,
    I'm sitting down to write an analysis of a Helen Phillips ceramic for my Modern European Art class which led me to your blog...if these new works are post the artist block then your brain, spirit and hand were gathering energy for this incredible work! What a compelling direction, the work is ethereal amd haunting, I love it. Can't wait to see in person and catch up with you, Jeanne Parham

  18. Thank you all so much- the feedback for the beginning of the white series has been amazing.

    It is wonderful to be making art and on some kind of track after being a bit off for a while.
    Your comments build my confidence as I explore this direction in my work.