Friday, January 8, 2010

Better late than never...

Running a bit behind on my blog.

Matters of Consequence, an exhibition I curated featuring the work of Christopher Baber and Michael Shaeffer and their collaborative work as Pedigree, opened on Thursday night in the Revolver gallery in the Fayetteville Underground. I feel it was a great success, and I hope the guys will sell even more works as the show remains up until Jan 30th.

Here is a video of that show:

In other news, Wade Ogle's latest CD, Lovers and Fighters is about to debut and I was thrilled when he wanted to use two of my photographs for inside the CD insert. I am quite pleased with how the project turned out and Wade's new album is great too. Click here to learn more about where you can order a copy. You can also listen to Wade's music here.

And yet in other news, ddp gallery is having her Salon 1 exhibition currently until the end of the month, where you can find many of the artists that she represents, all on the gallery walls together. It is a dynamic mix and you can find a wide range of my work on display. Here is an image from that exhibition.

And besides that, I have been working on three works in progress, and they are all white.. What!?!? White.. Yeah, you heard me.. We will see..

Oh yeah and one last thing the small and miniature show was held over until the end of January at the Aaron gallery in Washington D.C. due to the bad weather they had in December. So, if you live near there please go check it out.

This week it is going to be about painting, music, painting, and not much else... I hope you all are well.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Painting, music, painting..... LOVE THIS!!!! I'm with you!

  2. White? I don't know all your work but I guess this is quite a departure for you? Intrigued to see the results. You seem to have so much going on, it's quite inspiring.

  3. thanks Amber and Rob..
    Not sure about the white anymore...
    fickle artist brain..

  4. Love the post, great song on the video BTW.