Friday, May 28, 2010

a certain trajectory

We will sink to the bottom of the ocean together
© 2010 Megan Chapman

I posted a version of this painting two weeks ago, and I have been working on it ever since. I think I have got it to where it is no longer a work in progress and is complete. A simplification. I also have made good progress on another new painting in this series, which I plan to show you next week.

This week, I had intended to work on my Etsy works for my all too empty shop Artmaven. I have the paper taped off, gessoed and ready, some even already coated with my more typical colors of red, aqua and gold, but each time I sat down to work on them, a new white series painting called out to be realized. I love working in color but right now I just need this coolness, I need this contrast, this watery world of charcoal, line, splatter and drip. This is the only thing that wants to be born currently and so the white series continues...


  1. YAY! Good progress!!
    Yes - paint what you feel - it will show if your heart is not in it...

  2. it would be so cool if you made some white paintings on paper... though they are so good I can see why they need canvases.