Friday, May 14, 2010

More works in progress: A continuation

Somehow we find ourselves on the same continent
©2010 Megan Chapman

This week has had its ups and downs in the studio. I was so gung ho to paint again on Monday after the thrill of last Thursday's validation and sales. I could feel the desire to work in my bones but somehow I couldn't get it to translate to the canvas as easily, but I showed up and worked. I fretted, I wrote and I listened to music and I waited. I worked on three paintings this week. When I got stuck with one I would move to the next or I would write some more and wonder where my ability to paint had gone. It felt a bit like procrastinating when writing a term paper. You know the material and you have written good papers before, but somehow you just aren't sure until the last minute that the paper is going to be written or come together, when finally you start writing and out of the anxiety of the deadline the paper seems to magically emerge.

That is what happened for me this week. Monday and Tuesday I was unsure of my abilities, worried about too much repetition and curious if the inspiration would come. By Wednesday things started falling into place and by yesterday the works in progress started showing me the way, and the words that I need to spur me along popped into my head. Listening to a new collection of songs, with a couple of selections on repeat throughout the day helped to clear the chatter and allowed me to go into the paintings and focus. So, today I would like to share my progress. The first painting posted above, Somehow we find ourselves on the same continent is finished. This next painting posted below, We will sink to the bottom of the ocean together, is very close and I will continue to work on it today.

We will sink to the bottom of the ocean together
work in progress © 2010 Megan Chapman

The third painting below, has a long way to go, but I have a road map in my mind to follow. There will be some horizontal elements added, some more white and whatever it tells me it needs. The words haven't come to me for this one, and once they do, it will be that much easier to follow the path. I don't often show my works in progress, unless I feel they are pretty close to being done. This third one, will probably look very much different the next time you see it, so don't get attached.

work in progress

This has been my week in the studio. Today, I will get back in there and work on these paintings to completion. There is nothing better than working and music music music! I hope things are going well in your studios too. Thanks for stopping by and as always for your encouragement and support.


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  1. I wonder if there was a planet in reverse or something for us, cos I had a blip too. You can read at my new blog post. I too had a resolution and things are moving again :))
    So, I could really identify with you today!
    As you say, "onwards and upwards".
    Happy progressing... x

  2. Wow. Work in progress! This is new and good.

    Somehow we find ourselves on the same continent is calling to me but I've only popper by briefly, waiting for a surface to dry a little. So, my quick capsule review: Goddamn!

  3. these are rad megan!

  4. gorgeous process or otherwise...such a competent hand...and those blips... they come and go and come and go again... don't they.
    looks like you've got a great technique for facing the and music.