Friday, June 3, 2011

No Question...

After the storm
© 2011 Megan Chapman and Stewart Bremner
Mixed Media on Canvas, 40x30"

This week in my studio has been about the speeding up and slowing down of time. Stewart has returned home to Scotland and our series remains a souvenir to time well spent. I have the luxury of spending quality time with the work now that it is complete, getting to know it and retracing the steps in the process. Stewart only has the photographs. I really wish he could see how the orange pops under the gallery lights. We hope these paintings will all find good homes, but until they do I will study them and remember the act of working with Stewart. We are thrilled to report that one of the paintings, Watching from afar sold last Saturday during our preview of the series. This first sale meant so much to us both. It is validation of our series and our fevered concentration and work. These paintings mean a lot to us and we love what we have created, but when others love it too and want to live with it, there is nothing like that feeling.

Last night was first Thursday at the Fayetteville Underground, so many more people were able to see the series in the Vault Gallery and in my studio. I had some lovely conversations about the work. Many people wanted to know how two artists could work together in such a way and many asked if I had worked this way before. People seemed genuinely impressed with the results and the story behind the work. I was so pleased and gave Stewart a full report this morning through the static of the internet.

This work taught me a lot about myself and life in general. There is something very vulnerable about painting with another; side by side, making messes and cleaning them up. Someone else gets to see every mistake and question before it forms to make something beautiful or intriguing on the canvas. Painting is usually a private process and many artists love this magical alone time and then suddenly there is this other person that must be considered. It was such a gift to have this experience and it is not a time I will soon forget.

Next week, I may start sharing some ideas about my next series of works for my solo exhibition in September. The proposed title of the exhibition: Sometimes I love you and other stories.

Until next week, keep fighting and take a chance. Life is beautiful.

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