Friday, June 17, 2011

And the serious work begins...

work in progress in the studio

This week has been good, mostly spent painting in the studio, researching, writing and talking about my upcoming series. I have maintained regular hours in my studio and have six paintings on the go currently. They are in the infancy stages, but I am feeling better about all things since I have been spending regular time around my materials and working. It hasn't been easy, there has been a lot of pacing back and forth and flipping through my music to find just the "right" album to set the tone.

This body of work seems like it is going to be a stretch, a bit like pulling teeth with a heavy dose of trepidation but also unbridled excitement and inspiration. I cleaned my studio, took inventory and ordered the supplies I assumed I would need to complete this next body of work. My supplies have mostly arrived and I have a pretty good idea that there will be twenty new pieces in the series. All of this is subject to change as the work and concepts start to solidify. I say this mostly as an escape route for myself and from any expectations from viewers, but truly I hope I can pull of what I am setting out to do.

In other news, having my etsy shop re-opened has been really great. I have enjoyed finding my flash cards and my maps of the night featured in several really lovely treasuries. A treasury is when a fellow etsy seller functions as a curator and creates collections of work they admire. I have had a couple of sales as well. There are only ten flashcards and one map of the night left!

Until next week, you know what to do...

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