Saturday, July 23, 2011

and sometimes life gets in the way...

like the blinding light from when you were born
© 2011 Megan Chapman

There has been a lot going lately. I mean a lot... let's just say it has been a stressful time and that would be putting it mildly. I am doing well and there are so many things I am excited and happy about that are going on, but in general things could be a little better.

I have an exhibition, "Sometimes I love you and other stories" that opens September 1st 2011. That is right around the corner! Am I ready for the exhibition? got in the way. Will I be ready? Of course and I am looking forward to the next few intense weeks as I switch gears and sequester myself and dive into the work. I plan on spending some serious hours in the studio in the coming days.

Do I have more to say? Probably, but I can't say it right now. I am thankful for all my friends, family, all my art patrons and for all the love and support in my life. Thank you.

Until next week keep fighting...

ps. If you haven't checked out my etsy shop in a while please do, there might be a letter there for you.


  1. Wow - there must be loads to say as you're being short and sweet :)

    Hoping all will be good x