Saturday, July 2, 2011

Like painting under water...

she's of two minds

This week was busy almost. Many days were spent in the studio and certain rushes of excitement were felt as small breakthroughs have been made in the series. The paintings, rather than forming one by one seem to be forming more as a whole. I currently have thirteen new paintings on the go for my series Sometimes I love you and other stories. THIRTEEN! Yeah, it totally caught me off guard as well. This has been some strange painting, minute movements, as the title of this post suggests, like painting under water. The words are there but the paintings are being slower and more coy and as I sit here this seems to make perfect sense. Coy on the surface perhaps or maybe a bit shy and reserved until you get to know them and then BAM! I think they will pack one hell of a lovely punch. I will keep you up to date and yes, of course there will be some sneak peeks along the way as well...

In other news, I must say again how pleased I am to have returned to Etsy. My flashcards have been selected for many lovely treasury lists, which are collections curated by other members. I am always honored when my work is chosen and fits in perfectly with all the other impressive selections. So please check out my Etsy shop Art Maven for affordable works on paper. There are only eight flashcards left and I do not plan on offering any more of this series.

And lastly here is the sound on repeat from studio...

PS. Keep fighting. The world needs YOU and your ART.

PPS. Artist Stewart Bremner is letting go of the past and you can pick up a painting for a song! If bold, graphic paintings with a pop art bent are your style then he has the paintings for you! Even with shipping from Scotland these paintings are a steal! Check them out. There are only twelve left! Go here to explore!

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  1. I just love Edie and those eyebrows of hers! I recently watched the documentary series Andy Warhol factory people and just loved every moment of it.