Friday, June 8, 2012

Home is where the art is

 just add sun boxes...

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to report that east prospect exhibition was a smashing success! We had a lovely crowd and everyone's art looked beautifully installed in all the rooms on the main floor of the house. We had the Sun Boxes singing in the back yard and happy art patrons nibbling on snacks, drinking wine and enjoying art. It was a lovely evening. It is kind of fun temporarily living in an art gallery.

We had worked so hard to bring the exhibition together that suddenly at the end of the night, we realized right away that we had to do this again and soon! Due to popular demand east prospect exhibition has been held over for one more day! If you are local to Northwest Arkansas please stop by 545 E. Prospect in Fayetteville, Saturday June 9th from 11-4 to enjoy our world class art and of course to hear the brilliant Sun Boxes.

There are more than one hundred works of art that make up the exhibition, from original paintings to photographs, multimedia installations to wearable art. The work flows throughout the house in this intimate setting. Stewart Bremner, Craig Colorusso and myself will be present during the exhibition on Saturday. The talented Jennifer Libby Fay had to return to her studio in Kansas City but her work remains with us for just a while longer so please come and enjoy it and so much more!

There is a lot of art to look at on the walls but there are also some hidden gems in the exhibition. My recently released prints of A Manual for Living are available as are my new small works created while I was recently in Scotland. Stewart Bremner's has his new camera illustrations, Animal and Edinburgh greeting cards and his small abstract works on paper and Thomas Petillo has two boxes of intriguing and beautiful photographic test prints for you to rummage through and purchase for a song! These test prints are the result of preparing for two recently published books of his work. There is so much art to enjoy and discover and many great deals to be found as well. There truly is something for everyone's taste.

So that has been this week. Nails, hammers, levels, design and formatting, inventorying all the art, placing and hanging the work to maximize it and the space and then the big event that went from one night only to a Saturday encore.

Thanks to all the east prospect artists. I wish you all could be here to see your work in this space and have a chance to meet each other and all the lovely patrons. I am lucky to be part of such a talented world wide community of artists and fortunate to be able to share this work with my local community.

Sun Boxes at East Prospect from stewart bremner on Vimeo.

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  1. Those sun boxes are just the business!

    Hope all goes well Saturday - what a rip roaring success it has been so far!

    Keeping Creative - awesome...