Friday, June 1, 2012

A Manul for Living/ East Prospect Exhibition

 We grew homes inside each other's bones. 
Limited edition print. © 2012 Megan Chapman

Dear Readers,

It has almost been a month since Stewart and I returned to Arkansas from Scotland. We have been busy and have hit the ground running since our return. It is really kind of amazing to think of all we have seen and done in the past four weeks. But rather than look back just this minute, I would like to look at the now and the exciting near future.

First of all, I am very pleased to announce that A Manual for Living is now available as a series of signed limited edition prints! I am thrilled to present these affordable limited edition prints of this rare and sought after work. These prints will be sold exclusively through Etsy. From a set of 50 prints, each of these professionally-printed reproductions have been signed and hand numbered on the front. The artwork is 6.5x4.5” with the paper size being 5x7" making them ideal for displaying in any off-the-shelf frame. 

I had been thinking about having some prints made of select pieces of my work for quite sometime, but I just didn't know which pieces. With Stewart Bremner and Jennifer Libby Fay's help and encouragement it was decided that A Manual for Living was a prime candidate for reproductions. This body of work was the first of the new white series that began in 2010 and inspired everything that I have created since. A Manual for Living has been shown only once publicly during my exhibition, Falling into Sound at the Hive Gallery.

During that exhibition, the heartfelt response to the work was palpable and I was so pleased. I had many requests to break the series of works a part and sell them individually, however at the time I was showing the pieces as a conceptual book of “stills” that were always to remain together. Each page its own chapter, the viewer was to “read” the work starting with the wordless prologue, the eight pages in between with their text, and concluding with a wordless epilogue.

In print form, I feel comfortable with the body of work being sold individually and it makes sense to me. There are a range of moods and sentiments within that body of work and the whole may not appeal to all but the fragments might readily. I just released these affordable prints yesterday in my shop and I am so thrilled that three have already found good homes in the U.K. with two going to Scotland and one to England! I hope more fragments and moments from this body of work will also find homes. We could all use a chapter from A Manual for Living...

In other news, we have also been getting ready for east prospect exhibition and we are so excited! Just yesterday, the permanent collection came down while we took inventory of all the amazing works of the east prospect artists that will be filling the walls for next week's one night only exhibition.

Works are slowly and carefully being placed as we change the atmosphere of one artist's home into a space filled with world class art. We will be showing the work of photographers, painters, multimedia artists and the sunbox installation. We can't wait to present work by artists from our own backyard, around the country and around the world. Four artists will be present at the event. It is going to be intimate, comfortable, inspired, and there will be art for all tastes and budgets. All the art will be available to go home with our patrons the night of the exhibition. Cash, Check, Credit Cards and payment plans will also be available.

It will be one great night to enjoy art outside of the traditional gallery setting, to expand your collection, and to enjoy and support our worldwide community of artists. If you are local to the Northwest Arkansas area please join us on Thursday June 7 from 5-8pm for east prospect exhibition in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Click the image below to learn more about the artists that will be participating.


Thanks for stopping by. Until next week... keep fighting!

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