Saturday, December 8, 2012

Busy part II

my favorite journey
mixed media on paper 5x7"
© 2012 Megan Chapman

I have been making up for lost time in the past month and a week. I painted 63 small works on paper, had a solo exhibition, participated in a two day craft show and organized and installed most of the east prospect exhibition which debuted last night. While all that has been going on I also did something else; something I had hoped I wouldn't have to do again. I decided to take a second job for the first time in eleven years.

I think it is important to make that distinction, I took a second job because I already have a full time career as a professional visual artist. So, now I have a part time second job to supplement my career because as everyone knows times are hard and I was tired of winging it in recent months. The anxiety of not being sure if I could pay my bills and a mounting credit card debt was beginning to take its toll on my mental health and that of course will negatively impact my work so I just went out and took care of it. I am slightly shocked that I made this choice but at the same time it was the obvious choice to make. So, I am working in an office cubicle M-F for 20 hours a week.

I make no promises that I will stay at this job for a terribly long time. I just know that for now I will give it my best shot and do the best job I can for as long as I can and for as long as it is needed to help see me through.

It is an interesting experience going back to that type of work after being out of an office environment for as long as I have. I am viewing it as sort of a performance piece. You know I am going to think of it creatively if I can. I am curious how my art will change, if my motivation will suffer, how soon the novelty will wear off but mostly I am just going along for the ride.

I just wanted to let you all know what was going on with me because dear readers you go along with me for the ride all the time and I am so glad that you do.

So this is me, stepping out so that I can keep fighting the only way I know how. Until next week, you know what to do!

Northwest Arkansas locals, if you are in town, I really hope you will come out tomorrow Saturday December 8th to the East Prospect Exhibition II : Art for the Holidays. 12 artists sharing their brilliant work just for you... Please come and say hello, you will not be disappointed. 11-4pm Learn more here and see more here.

And please don't forget about my project, the ghosts of the past exposed. December 22nd is the fundraising deadline and it is fast approaching. Please give what you can and spread the word. Thanks to all who have already generously given.

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  1. Megan, "my favorite journey" was another of my favorite pieces from this series. While I don't have "forgetting while dancing" framed yet, I do have it displayed right where I can see it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, in terms of second jobs...have you ever considered teaching an intro to visual arts class online? If so, send me an email and I can get you in touch with our art department. I have no idea if they have openings for the spring, but you never know.