Friday, April 12, 2013

A Room of One's Own

Warriston Cemetary, Edinburgh


Well it has been another exciting week in Edinburgh! In some ways it feels like I am doing less tourist type stuff and more living type stuff and that doesn't make for the most exciting entries. However, something very exciting happened this week, so let's get started!

On Saturday I decided I really wanted to see the sea and walk on the beach. I looked up the bus schedule and figured out the route and made plans to spend the day in Portobello. Stewart and I got ready and were out the door (a 3 minute walk to the bus) and for 1.50 (pounds) each, the bus took us there in about 20 minutes. It is so lovely to be able to just walk out the door to reliable public transportation.

Once at Portobello, we went to a lovely outdoor market in a local park that had fresh soap, pastries, jams, etc. and then we walked up the High street and visited numerous charity shops, from there we walked to the promenade to a beautiful stretch of beach. It was really lovely and just so close. I didn't make it to Portobello the last time I was here, so it was quite a revelation. After we walked a little over 5 miles we got the bus back to town where I finally had the gumption to go into this little corner pub (which is catty corner) from the flat, called The Tourmalet. The place was perfect, with a friendly attitude and comfortable decor. A great find and so amazingly close! Saturday was a great day full of new discoveries.

Sunday, I stayed in mostly recovering from our long walking excursion the day before but I still put the day to good use. I did some family research and I thought more about the upcoming exhibition in Manchester and what kind of work I want to do and researched some techniques and ideas. 

On Monday, I ordered my supplies. That took more time than it probably should have but of course I was working with an unfamiliar art supply company, products and sizes. With a a lot of help from Stewart I finally managed to place my order. I also wrote out a stack of post cards to some of my supporters of my project, it felt good to write and start working on getting some of the requested perks sent out to my supporters of my project. I also went to the local art shop, Greyfriars to get some other supplies. It is so nice to have access to a sweet little art shop. I bought some paper to start making some small works while waiting for the supplies I ordered to arrive. 

On Tuesday, I started prepping the small papers. I have 10 small works in progress with the surface gessoed and tea stained. These will be collage paintings and used as experiments with the techniques and ideas I want to use for the Manchester work. 

On Wednesday, I started typing up some words and ideas for the show and the small works. I am also experimenting and getting to know the printer that was purchased to help me produce some of the effects and elements I want to put in the paintings. Wednesday night is the night my yoga class meets, so I went to my second hour long yoga session around the corner. I am so glad I signed up for this class. I love it. I hope my instructor teaches another session after this one. The other yoga class I am signed up for starts a week from today and is 2 hours/session and lasts 10 weeks so I am looking forward to that. It just makes such a difference in my life.

Thursday is the day that it all gets exciting. On Wednesday I had called about a studio at a large studio and gallery complex and I made an appointment to view a space on Thursday morning. Stewart accompanied me to show me the bus route and check out the space. It is a quick and easy bus ride. The studio is only about 1.3 miles from the flat, a short 7 minute bus ride once you walk the 10 minutes up the street to the bus stop. I was just going to look but once I was inside and saw the space I just went for it and signed the lease on the space!

I will move in May 1st if not sooner! My studio has two south facing windows filled with an amazing view of Arthur's Seat. The complex has 200 artists working there and 3 galleries, a lending library and a swap shop. It is my kind of place. We walked home from the space so I could familiarize myself with the walking route, I think I floated home. I smiled the whole time and there were even a few tears. I have been heartbroken ever since I lost my studio space a year and a half ago and have found it terribly hard to work and focus on the bigger picture. Having a studio is like having a home for my dreams and a place to put them into action. I have felt homeless without a studio environment. Knowing now that I have this space to work and dream in is like having a missing puzzle piece found and locked into position and now I am whole again. I am really excited and again so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to all my donors and supporters. To celebrate we walked around town and explored, visiting a graveyard in Leith, some charity shops, some ethnic food markets and there was also another visit to the Tourmalet.

Today, we went for a lovely 6 mile walk and ended up exploring Warriston Cemetery. The cemetery is such a dreamy place, filled with forgotten treasure, there are so many stories, I can't wait to go back and explore further.

So that has been the week. Today marks 4 weeks and 1 day since I have been here. I have walked 89 miles and attended 2 yoga classes, drank a lot of good beer, seen a lot of art and each day I push forward reaching towards my goals. Each day I make a choice to say yes with gratitude in my heart.

Thanks for going along with me.


Portobello beach sounds and sun


  1. Hiya
    Firstly thanks for your lovely postcard - its lovely to hear from you getting settled in :)
    Lovely little video - the beach is lovely!
    You have been a busy little bee and I'm glad you've been rewarded with a studio with such a great view! I'm jealous :)
    Can't wait to see some work produced in your new environment. All the best.

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